Ace Co Vacuum - my blog - Below I'm going to list some of my favorite blogs and links I'm reading right now. Curvy is in right now. Has curvy ever been out? Well, according to men,

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  • Susan - Never ever be without this cleanser!

    This is the most amazing product ever used. Works on my stainless steel appliances without scratching, takes older stains off almost anything. I had not been able to find this for years, and was thrilled to come across it. The container lasts forever as it only takes a small amount. This is the best product on the market PERIOD.

  • Amazon Customer - this is one of the best amino acid

    I have been working out for many years and BCAA's are very important when you are working out. This product really does work. When it comes to taste, this is one of the best amino acid, BCAA drinks I have ever tried. When it comes to energy, This product is great.I have to honestly say I noticed my workouts seemed to be better with respect to a decrease in muscle soreness during and after my workouts. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone that works out.

  • johnnycab - Works well, could be less blue

    This product works well and tastes fine. However, I do wish it didn't look *exactly* like Windex! When I spit it out into the sink I have to rinse well so the blue liquid doesn't remain.

  • Kent Luong - hmm, i'm impressed w/ this card

    previously owned a msi radeon hd 7850 and i can say that this was a good upgrade for me since i was on a budget of $500 (built a whole new comp). temps on this card range from 40-70 (idle to max load) playing nfs 2016 or gta v.

  • Desert Wind - Very good electric razor for the price

    Excellent razor for the price! Instead of buying their expensive "powder stick"; I tried regular baby powder! It works. The powder shows the hair to be shaved. It's easy to clean. I gave 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1. It does not show how many minutes of charge is left. 2. Shaving under the chin and neck causes "irritation" for my face. Obviously, the shave is not like razor blade shave. I recommend this if you can use it with m two points. Gives as good a shave in shorter time because of powder trick than my more expensive electric razor

  • David - Worth Its Weight in Insights

    In comparing the trilogy of election books - "Collision 2012," "Double Down," and "The Center Holds," I found "Double Down" the most fascinating and filled with keen insider details. But Dan Balz's book is a keenly told and analytical accounting as well; students of presidential politics will find much to appreciate. A solid reporting job.