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  • EGroat - Fun for the whole family!

    If you are looking for a family friendly game this is the ne for you. It has new songs on here that the whole family can enjoy. My eight year old loves to play Just Dance 2016 along with the rest of the family. Are family of four plays together and it is so much fun, you can also play alone which is just as much fun. They have different game modes were you can play as an individual or a team against others. One of our favorite parts is after you are done with a song it shows you a recording of what you were doing, Hilarious!

  • Jennifer Lee Roeglin - I recommend splat. My hair was a reddish blonde so ...

    If you want pink hair forever, I recommend splat. My hair was a reddish blonde so I did not bleach my hair before using and months later, my hair was still pink. I am in the process of using citamin c, bleach, etc to get my hair back to blonde. So again, for me, this did just what I wanted it to, it turned my hair pink. I just didn't realize it wouldn't want to come out, ever.

  • Vaz TV - Bargain software

    I have bought this product for several years now--it's a good software but I still get some viruses. I don't know if there is a antivirus software that's 100% safe---if anyone knows, let me know. I always buy this from Amazon, the auto renewal from the developer is about 3x more expensive.

  • GraniteDon - Working great, upgraded to 8.1 Pro with no problems

    This has been a great little computer. I use it as a headless server (no monitor, keyboard or mouse) as a home automation controller, access using Remote Desktop Connection from a network laptop. I upgraded to Win 8.1, but had to buy that for $100 because I needed the Pro version to support RDC. Nice to have plenty of USB ports although some of my external devices use old-fashioned serial communication. I have found that some cheap Serial-USB adapters won't have drivers for Win8, but the Keyspan USA-19H works flawlessly with no additional driver required.

  • SueLee - Best acne product ever used

    It has cleared probably 80% of my acne before I even finish the box. This is the only product that ever worked for me. It is not drying, not irritating. I especially like the retinol formula. I see improvement every morning I look at the mirro. Now I can see hope that my acne will be completely eliminated soon. I will continue to use this product as a preventative.

  • Bren - Very helpful

    Helps alot!!!! I only had 3 weeks to study for the test but this book was awesome and helped me a lot!