About RSD - A chronicle of my ordeal with the horrible disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (RSDS/CRPS)

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  • Joel Burgess - Quality Filament

    This is the best filament I have ever used for my Lulzbot Taz 4/5 (hexagon head). I have passed rolls and rolls of this (natural and black ABS) through my printer with not one problem. Prints come out even and solid.

  • garythegrim - Not the best of The Best American Short Stories series

    Having spent a great deal time in airport bookstores over a twenty year period, I became a fan of The Best American Short Stories series. I haven't done much flying in the past five years and moved away from my need to have a book in my possession that I could put down easily without feeling that I was missing something. Recently, I seized the opportunity to download and read this, the 2013 edition. Perhaps it's sign of the times, but beginning with Heidi Pitlor using the Foreword as a platform to put her personal anxieties about gun violence on display through nineteen of the twenty selections, the reader is treated to dismal stories about flawed individuals and their less-than-uplifting experiences that left me frankly depressed. The sole exception to the other dreary tales was "The World to Come" by Jim Shepard which, though fitting the pattern of the rest of the book, was rich in old words which were new to me and carefully crafted. I have purchased The Best American Short Stories 2012 and hope for something better than what was provided for 2013.

  • Jeanine Taseff - Miraculous so far!

    This is a miracle supplement! I have been having menstrual bleeding mostly constant for a year now. I am post menopausal. Most days, I would have horrible cramps as well. I was checked and have adenomyosis of the uterus. I was told I needed a hysterectomy, but could not take time off work right now. I took this product for the first time last night. The flow has almost completely stopped. Praise God! I am in shock. I will update my review as time goes on. I plan on taking the recommended dose of 3 pills twice a day.

  • Joseph Rose - Very Well Done and Perhaps Even Helpful to Some

    Good quality and all that, but the exercises did not help me in the least. In fact, I felt more pain after a week or more doing them. I stopped, and my pain slowly went away on its own. I'm sure, however, that this set of DVDs can and will be useful to others. Like other medical approaches, one size does not always fit all.