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  • Desiree - I LOVE ZANTREX 3!!!!! (blue bottle) <3

    After reading a lot of the negative reviews I wasn't sure I should do it. But I kind of had to since I already bought 3 bottles!! (They were on sale) BTW buy them at wallmart, they are a lot cheaper. I couple of years ago I use to weigh 225 :( I know terrible. But I lost 40!! By myself. I got all the way down to 180 and I felt great well this year I fluctuated A LOT! I ended up at 195. I was devastated and I wanted a change! I lost 10 but it was hard by myself. I found zantrex and started taking it at weight of 185. The first day I felt great!!! I felt like a crack head no doubt! I got the jittery feeling really bad but that's because I don't drink caffeine at all so my body had to get use to that! I took two in the morning with a fiber bar and two at 1pm with a half sandwich. Every night for dinner I eat a salad. For me it subsided my appetite. Which is good!! I lost 3 pounds that first day! I am in day two now. And I've lost another two pounds. But in order for zantrex to work you have to work your ass off in exercising and eat right!! I work out vigorously for at least an hour everyday, if not two hours (not all at once though) tone yourself while your working out!! You can't possibly imagine zantrex is going to do it all for you... Zantrex is your number one fan trying to cheer you on and help you out along the way!! He helps your metabolism and your eating habits; you have to do the rest. That's why some people aren't getting results. The pill works differently on EVERYONE! You can't go by what I say or what anyone else says. Just take it in and know there are possibilities. I for one had no headaches, vomiting, dizziness and such things like that. But I can tell you that I did get really jittery, burst of energy, hunger pains, and insomnia. Oh and from experience. After I ate sometimes I'd be really hungry!! Up until the point I had hunger pains and I thought it was a bad thing. But actually once I thought about it. Zantrex is here to aid in your metabolism, soooooo, you burn off what you eat faster causing you to be slightly hungry again... But enough of my chatter. I think you should at least give zantrex a try! It's worth it! Sometimes the symptoms are unbearable though. So you have to be stronge! (The symptoms eventually go away though i promise!) My goal weight is 145. Wish me luck! If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. I hope you all have a wonderful experience :)

  • Thomas Lopez - Looks freaking awesome!!

    The punch outs for the passenger side fog light was a little off but, nothing this retired carpenter couldn't handle. Sprayed with a wrinkle finish. Looks freaking awesome!!!

  • Mendrzycki mommy of 3 - LOVE this alarm clock

    LOVE this alarm clock. My favorite feature is the removable charging tube that I use all the time as an extra battery source for my phone. I also love that I can charge my phone right at my alarm clock. I loved this clock soo much I bought 3 for others as Christmas gifts.

  • Dale Winters - Newer is not better

    I had several of copies Printmaster going thru the tears with the upgrades and was always very satisfied with the programs. 2012 Platinum was a complete waste of money. All my saved projects from the past are not compatible with this version, there clip art files just plain suck. {Apparently they want you to go online and buy package bundles!!!) DO NOT WASTE your money.