Nationwide Help for the Injured and Their Families - The Mulligan Law Firm - A national law firm helping the injured and their families. The Mulligan Law Firm specializes in pharmaceutical drug injury litigation. The Mulligan Law Firm has helped thousands of individuals with their severe injuries and pharmaceutical drug legal issues. Please contact us for a free evaluation of your potential case.

  • Lawyers / Attorneys: Evaluating Nationwide Reglan® / Tardive Dyskinesia Injuries & Deaths - The Mulligan Law Firm - Mulliganlaw lawyers are offering free case evaluations for potential Reglan injury claims.
  • Lawyers / Attorneys: Evaluating Nationwide Surgical Mesh Claims - The Mulligan Law Firm - A product that was designed to help combat Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in women may actually have worsened the problem, and proven harmful to many patients.
  • Attorneys / Lawyers Evaluating Nationwide Amusement Park Accidents, Injuries & Deaths - The Mulligan Law Firm - Every year millions of U.S. citizens, families, and friends visit amusement parks for what they assume will be a fun day out; however, a large number of such visits invariably end in severe injury and even death.
  • Lawyers / Attorneys Evaluating Nationwide ATV & Off Road Vehicle Accidents, Injuries & Deaths - The Mulligan Law Firm - ATV/All-Terrain Vehicle Accidents, Injuries and Deaths. ATVs were introduced in the early 1970s, and are notable for their association with high-levels of serious injury and death – particularly amongst young children and adolescents. According to current statistics, ATVs are equally as dangerous as motorcycles, based upon mortality and injury figures.
  • Lawyers / Attorneys: Evaluating Nationwide Brain / Head Accidents, Injuries & Death - The Mulligan Law Firm - Brain Injuries, Accidents and Deaths, and Head Injuries, Accidents, and Deaths

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  • Ryan Wolsey - Seriously... Best. Planner. EVER!!

    Even better than I expected!!! There are so many awesome page and their blog gives you a million ideas on how to make the most out of all the pages. Seriously... Best. Planner. EVER! She thought of everything... even Christmas shopping lists and tracking pages.

  • Richard L. - No complaints and easy to use

    No complaints and easy to use. Does not "nickel and dime" by charging additional fees for forms they know you have a high probability of needing. I will not go back unless Tax Act decides that a silly increase to their bottom line is more important than customer loyalty.

  • EmilyF - Adapter for Graco Snugride 35 click connect

    After much research and contacting BOB directly I found out that this is the adapter that you want for the Graco Snugride CLICK CONNECT 35. Even though the brand of the adapter is Chicco this is the one that works for the click connect model.

  • Shawn Allison - Mac users beware

    Webroot is a great product. Ive used it previously on my PCs and since migrating to a MacBook last year I've had very little use for AV software. What caught my eye with this product was all the additional features. While i have almost zero concern for potential viruses I felt it would be worthwhile to have an all-in-one product for password protection, file syncing, browser history/file erasure instead of using multiple applications as i do now. Not to mention that even though viruses, with few exceptions, are unheard of on the Mac OS, 3rd party software exploits are not so the browser extension and AV protection was icing on the cake. Well, come to find out, the Mac version offers none of these features with the exception of the AV scanning and Safari extension.

  • Fred Hoffman - Was a necessary upgrade

    A good update to the older Words, Once I learned the ribbon menu system I like it. One 'problem', when I click on an older .doc file, it does not recognize it. At that point you have to load a .docx file and then open the "search system" and then load the old .doc file, and then save it in the .docx format.

  • Ray Upchurch - but is more like a very brief synopsis

    I would not suggest anyone purchase this book. This book says it is a review; but is more like a very brief synopsis. I am unsure if someone with a medical background actually wrote this as no Author is mentioned. There were some very brief definitions noted then added some questions at the end of the book. It is very poorly written with some abrupt stops and no further information. In regards to the 100 questions while it does have an answer key it does not give any explanation as to why these are the correct answer. Especially noted in one question that repeats the answer twice in the selections but only one of which were correct. While the book states on the “cover pass first time guaranteed”. I do not know how this would be possible as the book was so poorly written that you could not even answer the 100 practice questions. You may perhaps be wondering why the other 5 reviews are so positive, which is a question I asked myself. Then upon further review I noted that the other 5 were given the book at a discounted price to review and one of the reviews actually states that the answers were explained very well which I found to be incredible as there are no explanations given.

  • Vicki Jung - A MUST-READ BOOK!

    The Body Ecology Diet certainly is a drastic change from what we usually eat. However, what we usually eat and how we combine our foods are deadly! So many people suffer from chronic illness, and it is scarey to think how many of us have compromised immune systems that can lead to deadly diseases.This book has finally enabled me to regain my health after battling a systemic yeast infection for almost two years now! After being on the diet for two weeks, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my energy and stabilization of symptoms. The authors are very thorough in educating the readers about the steps necessary in reclaiming one's natural balance of yeast within the body. It works...especially if you eat the cultured vegetables. What amazes me is all the different foods I never knew about until I read the book. Stevia, the natural sweetner, has greatly enhanced my diet; and it is actually good for me! Wow! How many of you know what Kefir is? Read the book and find out! Once you have read this book, your eating habits will never be the same. If you are suffering from a major illness, I urge you to read this book and follow the recommendations. It could save your life!