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Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Swannie M - Quickbooks 2013 manual

    All computers should come with this manual...it has such wonderful information. It has more information than any other computer book I have found and explains in easy to understand language.

  • Mariko Kondo - Reliable as always

    Hard to beat this deal. We are usually tight on budget, but always look for the best possible internet security. I can't think of any better product with such a reasonable price!

  • Candy Dawn - Great product that really works!

    These work so much better than the new larger ones! I am allergic to latex and the newer ones claim to stick better but that's because they must have more latex in them. Local stores have stopped carrying these in favor of the higher priced ones but these are the best!

  • Justin - A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, ...

    A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, weightless and the ability to get pregnant. It really works. My wife has gotten pregnant twice because of it when she was told she was completely infertile before.

  • d troop - Great

    Awesome music by badfinger!Sounds like it was recorded yesterday.You just cannot beat badfinger music in its purest form.have a listen

  • sandrsmom - NOT for the mature woman!

    Being female I was naturally attracted to "BIC for her" (who can resist those pastels?!). Yet, these pens were somewhat of a disappointment. As a more mature woman, I am currently experiencing the symptoms of menopause. I can be in a perfectly good mood while writing a letter and without warning, in mid sentence, I will become so angry that I find myself using such excessive pressure on my pen that it shatters! Then there are the hot flashes, my hands became so sweaty that I could not keep a hold of that slim design, plus the ink smeared! Perhaps in your next endeavors, a "Female BIC for the mature" with a non-slip, steel reinforced grip, waterproof ink and a built in fan could find it's way onto the market!