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  • RgPhillips - Best Breath-Now salve ever

    I use this over Vicks vapor rub any & every day! I grew up with this and have passed this on to my children. My daughter would get a little stuffy at bedtime and has learned to dap just a little under her nose to help her breath better. She promptly lets me know when she's out!

  • Kindle Customer - My husband cancelled pc matic last year because it was ...

    My husband cancelled pc matic last year because it was eating up all of data & we didn't have unlimited data. Last night I looked at my credit card statement & pc matic had taken $49.99 out of my account (a year after we cancelled). When I finally found a number to call them, it was a recorded message saying to leave your name & number & they would call you back. I have yet to hear back from them. I have heard of others having the same problem since then. I will have to cancel my credit card & get a new one to get the charges off. Apparently, once you get it, you can't talk to a real person again!!


    It's hard to know what to rate this. The unit, now working, is quite good, maybe a four or five, especially in light of the Arris tech guy. HOWEVER, it took 2-1/2 hours on the phone with Time Warner Cable and Arris, we (my daughter and I) to finally get it working WIRELESSLY. Tried initially with ethernet hookup, wouldn't let us rename it and get back in from the Motorola default login. Via a terse but in the end very helpful Arris tech guy (blessedly available on Sun) we reset the factory defaults and one way and another got it to function wirelessly.

  • B. White - Pretty amazing stuff

    I used 4 of these in a small bedroom with walk in closet that was closed off for a year. I was amazed when one year later there was no dampness in the room at all (ground floor carpet over slab) .... and no musty order. They were each about half "full." I know this only because I put them into the garage and wow... the buckets were solid in a week!