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  • T. Battin - Simply wonderful!

    I'no not sure what I was expecting when I ordered this but it would be fair to say it more than surpassed my expectations! Good stuff! I love Hybels transparency but this is rich in content and very informative.

  • Stephen E. Golden - The lotion itself is quite nice and has a very faint fragrance that goes away ...

    Very difficult to get the pump primed. Seems the lotion got hard inside the tube. Had to flush it out first and then pump it umpteen times till it finally worked. The lotion itself is quite nice and has a very faint fragrance that goes away quickly. Would recommend.

  • Linda Hamill - Jelmar CLR cleaner

    This is certainly a good product but it will not work for the K-Cup coffee pots ~ it has too much foam and the coffee pot just turns off ~ don't use it on that but on the other items, give it a try ~ I am not sure of my thoughts as of yet!

  • Cat Lover - Body Ecology Diet

    Enjoyed the perspective the author provided. Some great tips, but if I implemented all of her ideas, I don't think I would be able to do anything except think about my diet. I am taking the things that make sense, but leaving some of the more extreme things behind.

  • Jay Ray - Typically buggy

    As has been the case with every Bluetooth headset I've bought over the last year and a half, it won't play well with my phones (Nexus 5 and Nexus 6p). Sometimes this model wont connect when I power up. I'll have to connect it manually in the phone's Bluetooth settings--which itself sometimes does not work. So I'll have to reboot the earbud, the phone or both, often more than once before a connection is made. Once connected, sometimes button presses don't do anything even if the phone is inches from my face. Sometimes it just up and disconnects. Its never just one thing with these.