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  • HomeSweetRoam - No radio signal loss, and no worries about trees when off roading.

    Tossed this on my Jeep so I wouldn't have to worry about the OEM antenna when off road in the woods. I figured I could trade radio signal for not having trees smack a bigger one around into my windshield or something else. Turns out, the radio works just the same! Awesome product and I honestly don't know why they aren't a stock part!

  • Brandon Keaton - Television Propaganda - God have mercy.

    I quit watching the show, as I was binge watching up through season 6 on Netflix, when I thought Glenn died, in the episode where he was on the dumpster and fell off into the zombies (6:3). A few weeks later my brother (who'd seen them all) encouraged me to keep watching - which gave me hope - and so I continued watching and realized that Gleen was spared, and I was happy and fine to continue...

  • Agnesdedog - Hoyle is a BUST!

    I should learn to listen to other users concerning Hoyle's Casino games. Just received the pre-ordered 2011 Casino advertised as Windows 7, Vista, Xp, (even Mac OS). Tried to install on my new 18" laptop Windows 7--was told it wasn't compatible with 64-bit. Tried again and again and it just froze and sat there. Tried it on a Windows 7 desktop--same 'ol same 'ol!!

  • gail harrison - college bound

    great condition--now just need to get my child to start studying so she can get a great score on the ACT

  • Stephane alvarado - great

    really great for fall and winter you can wear with jeans or leggings.i use it any occasions very easy to put on and easy to remove they have in different colors available that you can choose. the quality i very nice when i wash it,it does not can even give this to someone as a gift they will like it.very comfortable to wear it all day. the cold weather is coming soon and you can have it all day and feel warm with came on time and well packaged