Wallace & Graham - Over 35 Years Representing Personal Injury Clients in North Carolina - Over 30 years ago, Mona Lisa Wallace founded a law firm in her small hometown of Salisbury, North Carolina. She ventured to start a law firm where she could represent her clients the way they deserved to be represented – with drive, passion, and heart.

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  • Lisa - Common sense lifestyle guide!

    I am not a doctor or an author, just an ordinary citizen. I was given this book as a 48th birthday present and I immediately read it, cover to cover! This book is an easy read that is packed full of information, with no adulterants or fillers (just like the supplements that Shane had tested for us). Then I picked it up again and took notes on which supplements to take, for what, how many and which brand. I am so happy to have found a straight forward guide to living healthier!

  • marolyn romero-sim - Great sound

    They work great! The only thing that would of made them any better would be to mark a left and a right.

  • pmlucas - A little better this year

    In the past, books that didn't balance would stop you dead, unable to complete the tax return. Despite meticulous record keeping and a simple business, my books never matched. This year, for the first time, I can finish my taxes and figure out the bookkeeping problem later since I know that I am paying proper taxes. A better program would help the user figure out the balance problem, even if it is outside the defined scope of the product. Some other areas could do with better explanations.

  • Michael - Great item fits well easy to install

    They have done a great job with this, it fits perfectly and no issues with fitting. I've placed this on my wife's phone to see how she fairs with it and she's not complained with any loss of screen light or sensitivity which is excellent. I can sale with all honesty I would recommend this screen projector to all my friends and family.

  • Hernany - there are still good reasons to buy this game

    If you already own FIFA 14 on PS3, there are still good reasons to buy this game. First of all, Jamaica had a monumental breakdown in the last stage of Qualifying and now I can rewrite the story. This game features 202 International teams (if Im not mistaken) which is the largest roster of countries assembled. The game lets you play the world cup in whatever length you wish. You can play the final game, the knockout tournament, the group stages/tourney, or the full campaign of 4 years of Qualifying eventually leading up to the finale. There is also a re-vamp to the single player story, which allows you to go from a relative nobody, (competing with teammates for a spot before the next cut), to captaining your country on the grand stage. I recommend this game because the last time I got to play with Jamaica in a game was World Cup 98 and it feels good to hoist the gold for your country, especially if you hail from one that usually gets overlooked. I think many people around the world will buy this game for that reason and I think it will pay off in longevity. 2-3 years from now, no one will be playing FIFA 14, they will be playing FIFA 16-17, but I think this game will persist alongside.

  • Michael T. Parsons - Bad choice, several bad design issues

    I am regretting this purchase. There is nothing wrong with the bag, per se, it is just not what I wanted. It is well-made and no doubt will last a long time, even longer because I won't be using it much. Why? First, the fasteners are stupid. I don't want to hear the velcro every time I open the bag, so I am stuck using these stupid new buckles that just plain suck. They are very awkward to open and I for the life of me cannot figure out why they went this route. Also, unlike my other TB2 messenger bag, there is no key ring holder. I do miss that. And I didn't think it would be a big deal, but I hate that the bottom is not flat. I have yet to figure out why they made that design decision.