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  • James A. Roach - Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010

    I operate a simple service company. I do not operate off invoices in advance. I receive a call a customer needs roadside assistance, to which I respond to their call creating a invoice on site for that customer. Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010 was more accounting software than I needed as I operated a simple roadside assistance service company. Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010 look like a very good software accounting package for mid size company which work off invoices, more than 1 employee, employee on commission, and ordering from several vendors.

  • Amazon Customer - finally someone figured it out!

    An excellent book. Well written. Puts together all the pieces of the puzzle as to why more and more of our children are developing social and behavioural problems. This book transmutes a mother's love, a doctor's analytical mind, backed up with excellent research and described in layman's terms. Not only does it point out the problems and where they originate, but also gives hope to many parents by giving a practical plan and method of implementing better food choices. Brilliant.

  • Makeup Girl - I am amazed :)

    I decided to try this as a detox prior to changing my diet into a healthier one. I started yesterday morning after weighing myself in @ 127 lbs. I had a very good experience; no headaches, cravings or hunger pains, and I felt great. I even had enough energy to workout last night and normally on a regular day of eating poorly, I have no energy or desire to exercise. This morning I hopped on the scale and weighed in @ 122 lbs. WHAT?! I couldn't believe I lost 5 lbs in 24hrs! So, I am totally pumped and now on my second day and still doing great! I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow and see the results. I will check in as soon as I step on the scale :). My body feels healthier and I am ready to get my fitness on.