┬░VISTA BLANES CALA'N BLANES (MENORCA) (Spain) - from R 1508 | iBOOKED - Vista Blanes - The well-maintained 2-star Vista Blanes Hotel is set in a beach area minutes away from Lithica, Naveta des Tudons and Municipal Museum of Ciutadella des Bastio de sa Font. The city center is 10 minute walking distance from the hotel.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Framk Parillo - Great ride

    This is a very solid bike. Since July I have put almost 1000 miles on it, mostly riding in the Adirondack Mountains. It is a light bike and served me well in a 1/2 Ironman distance in Lake George, NY. It is solid on the hills and steady on the downhills. I put it together myself but had it tuned at my local bike shop (highly recommend for any bike) for less than $100 labor charge. Put some tri bars on and happy riding. This bike is a great value!

  • TheHandsomeDan - More fun than expected

    In the early 2000's, I was pretty intensely into Dance Dance Revolution. And when this came around, I rolled my eyes at the franchise as a cheap clone. Turns out this is actually a really well done title. My only real beef has been with the "sing along" mode. You can't turn that OFF, and it keeps detecting the games own music as perfect singing, which it then gives to player one. Player one will always win because of this. Period. Very annoying design flaw.

  • Tutu Twain - I am so confused!

    Someone gifted a couple of boxes of this coffee to me. I never even noticed the "extra" ingredient. I proceeded to really enjoy this coffee, for an instant its really good. My house is in shambles during renovations so its nice to be able to open a packet and get a great tasting cup of coffee. I actually came to Amazon to see if I could order more. Now that I am here, I find its pretty expensive for instant coffee, plus, what is up with this mystery extract that I had never heard of?

  • Amazon Customer - I loved that Amanda was such a strong hearted girl who ...

    I loved that Amanda was such a strong hearted girl who fell in love at the wrong time. She is getting ready to start her residency for plastic surgeon. This is something she wanted to do since she was a little and ended up meeting a nice surgeon. Amanda is done school and getting ready to start what is the rest of her life as a surgeon but first, her cousin is getting married to a rock star. So where is the wedding? Of course, Africa. Amanda finds this to be her last hora before she starts at the hospital. She shows up in Africa not expecting to fall for her cousins fiances best man- Mark. When the two hit it off at the wedding and a night alone, do they forget each other? Just be friends? Or will they build a much deeper relationship? This book is defiantly a reader. So pick it up and see if these two end up becoming the next couple to wed. I had no idea that this book had two before it. I read the description and saw that the lead character's name is Amanda, she was becoming a doctor and there was a hot love story. Who does not love the hot love story? After going back and reading the description of the other two, I feel like you do not need to read those to read this one.

  • Willard A. Campbell - Cap it right.

    A nicely made DEF cap. Aluminum cap is so much nicer than the factory plastic cap. Glad I bought this cap