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  • Christopher Schachter - but so far everything has been fine, the tracker stays in place even while I'm ...

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this product, the only thing that I was afraid of was my Moov falling from my wrist or ankle while I was exercising, but so far everything has been fine, the tracker stays in place even while I'm sleeping. Only downside is that sometimes it fails to track activity if you have to walk and wait to cross the street

  • Robert Wynkoop - It will give you hope and confidence

    I distinctly remember listening to a review of Parachute on the radio while in my car driving and saying to myself, "I need to buy this book." But good intentions have a way of not being put into action. It was years later when faced with a midlife career change and not knowing what I was going to do that my brother reminded me of this book.

  • Laurie Meyers - I didn't notice any change using this product but I ...

    I didn't notice any change using this product but I didn't purchase Step 2. Not sure if that would have made the difference or not.

  • P. Sagues - Worst piece of software I have seen in 10 years

    I read some unfavorable reviews of this software but bought it anyway. I have to say this is one awful piece of software. It's clear that it was created separately from the Windows version. There are so many basic bugs. The Invoice template shows one thing on the screen but--even with the "screen" and "print" buttons depressed, will print something different on the form.

  • -LifeOfSomeKind - ok so far

    I haven't used this to treat any ailments yet, but it does smell ok, there is a strong cinnamon smell. I am skeptical because other reviewers say beware of buying oils from amazon. The lavender oil I bought off here seems legit. I am diffusing this for immune system boosting because it seems to flu is making its way back around.

  • Penand Pencil - Initial impressions of the PlayStation VR including use with Cinematic Mode

    - VR Gaming: Headset appears to track well enough and is responsive. Very interesting seeing your body and ship cockpit in a game like EVE: Valkyrie or RIGS, or viewing just the cockpit in Battlezone VR. The VR was particularly impressive for EVE: Valkyrie, allowing you to see essentially 360 degrees within the cockpit. Fun detail: when you lean your head forward in RIGS, you will see your in-game body lean forward. That level of tracking detail is telling.