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  • liza602 - easy to swallow

    Easy to swallow and does not leave any aftertaste in your mouth. Doesn't upset your stomach either which is great.

  • Sebastian - Don't ever buy software that won't give you support even if you have their latest update.

    They have definitely downgraded their software... I used to have the 2013 version, everything worked fine. I upgraded to 2016 and now my backups won't queue automatically, so I can't leave all my backups running through the night. I thought it was probably something simple to fix, so I contacted support and they responded with a massive long email, and when I finally found the time to review it, I wasn't able to fix the problem... I then contacted them back and the case was closed and guess what! My support plan was expired! That was like 1 month period of useless support! This is the 2016 version and we are still on 2015 and these as#h@les drop support just like that! And NO, I don't want their cloud storage rip off, that's why I have my own external hard drives... And NO, I don't want to waste my time registering in their forums to wait for a miracle answer.

  • Danny Thomas - Good filter

    Great filter! Fits perfectly & I am greatly appreciative of the discount I received. I received this product at a discount for an honest unbiased review. Thank you very much.

  • Cadence S. - A step up from my previous security software.

    I was a McAfee Internet Security Suite user before converting to Kaspersky. The claims that this program runs on cats feet in the background are not ill founded. Either that or my PC is a beast and wouldn't be affected even if the software was grossly inefficient. I am willing to accept the former as the truth. The protection is pretty solid from what I read in other reviews as well, however I have no way of testing it because I am leery of the idea of seeking out online threats in order to see if I am getting my money's worth in choosing this product. The price can't be beat either, a full year of protection on 3 PCs for what you would pay for it here on Amazon (because I don't know if the price has changed as of the posting of this review) is a pretty sweet deal.

  • Robert W. Bradford - A Business Book Based on Data, Not Hype!

    Collins' findings should not be surprising to adherents of Simplified Strategic Planning. Basically put, the transformation of the studied companies was built upon seven major ideas:

  • karen lyons - Over priced

    I have bought the whole line of Perricone MD And have to say it has not made any difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

  • johno95 - I like the software

    I like the software. I don't like the fact that if you divided your money among several heirs, you would use only fractions. For example, heir 1 gets 3/8 of money, heir 2 gets 2/8, heir 3 gets 3/8. You cannot not divide the money using fractions AND dollar amounts. That would be too complex. Perhaps they need a more advanced version of the software.