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  • Matt - Amazing flashlight

    My first tac light, I spent hours researching the best, I believe I got the best. Just a newb to the flashlight world. (I do not use it hours out of my day, just a few seconds here and there.) Before leaving a bad review please consider your needs and the flashlights and the flashlight specs. Good luck!


    I purchased the Black Seed Oil hoping I would get results in weight reduction but there was no difference in my weight after 2 weeks of taking 1 teas of the product per day. (if I consumed more than a teas. per day I would get a headache) But I can say that by the third day of taking BSO my energy shot through the roof and has remained that way as long as a started my day with 1 teas. of this oil! I can feel it when it kicks in, the fogginess in my head clears, my visions is better, I don't feel tired or weak but strong and vibrate. I zoom through my responsibilities at work, no longer feeling weak, tired or down in my mind, I have increased memory and mental clarity. Although I do not see how this oil can benefit or assist in weight reductions as others have claimed, I can recommend this oil to those who need an all natural assistance for depression, mental clarity, strength, vision and energy. It has helped me in those areas tremendously! NOTE*-Maybe the help for weight reduction comes through the energy you get from taking the oil because now your so fired up you want to work out! (smile) hmmmm I feel like going for a walk......

  • Steve G. - Potent

    If you can get this product at cheap enough price (given that you'll probably use it all up in one go), it's definitely worthwhile. It helped me eliminate some nasty limestone deposits from my toilet bowl.

  • chris jackson - better than O.E.M.!

    works great, actually has a better waterflow than O.E.M. fit was perfect and functionality is perfect. i will definitely be buying these from now on.

  • david falcone - MASTERPIECE!

    How is it possible to squeeze 250 years of serious history into 2 heavily illustrated volumes of about 300 pages each? I don't how the author did it --- but he did!

  • N.. Jenkins - Beautiful!

    I have collected these ornaments since 2000 and they are all so beautiful. I keep thinking one can't possibly be more beautiful than the next. but when I receive a new one, for a short while it is! The price and shopping experience with Amazon makes it even better.