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  • queen66 - Purchased for a 7year old

    Purchased for a young boy turning 7 years old. He loves Legos and building things. This toy was the hit of the party. Based on the instructions he may need a little help building it. I am excited to see how it works when he is finished.

  • Marco Gonzalez - Terrible phone.

    I bought two phones. I had problems with one of them because it seems the phone was not ready to be used. It appeared an screen asking to configure it. Today is working after I took it with one technician to repair it. It has been working the last two days. The other phone works only the first 3 days. Now, I have to take it with the technician and wait if he can fix it. Terrible experience. I am loosing my money and my time.

  • MAllsman - Awesome Product!

    Lucas products are by far the best $ can buy. Had leak on 1992 Honda Civic. Took car to shop and they wanted $300 to fix. I totally drained power steering fluid and filled back up with lucas stop leak. It continued to leak for 1 week. I filled back up with another half bottle and the leak stopped! Would recommend.

  • Duck Wanderer - It is a Miracle

    This works better than any other cream I have tried on my son, even prescription creams. They kept giving me scripts thinking it was so bad because of yeast but I knew it was just a very bad rash. My son was screaming in pain, he would not sit down on his poor butt, and he was walking funny. It was hard to see him in so much pain so I was willing to try anything and everything. I found out about Triple Paste on Dr. and found some at a drug store pharmacy. It started working almost immediately. Within less than 2 days his rash he had for over a week that was spreading and bright red was gone. Even though this is hard to find and expensive, it is soooo worth it. I don't know why it's such a secret!!