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  • M.S. - This works!

    I would recommend this to anyone that still has hair but is balding and can't stand those tell tale shiny spots that say you have thinning hair.

  • H. L. Dietor - Sigh, There's Nothing Exciting With This One

    My husband has gifted me one of these beautiful snowflakes for every Christmas we have been with each other. So, the collection is very special to me. When I read the less than enthusiastic responses to this one, I thought, "Well, each one has been different and beautiful, so I'm sure this will be the same!" Except, it's not. At all. It's flat and unexciting. There is very little to recommend it. Which is a shame considering this is the 25th year the company has released one of these. Wouldn't you think it would be extravagant? I'll put it on my tree and add it to the previous years, but I hope Swarovski reads these reviews and next year, we won't be disappointed in the annual snowflake.

  • Linda - Love these trucks

    Love these trucks! Well built and last thru dirt and numerous siblings! I always purchase a year later to save the cash and the kids don't notice!

  • Amazon Customer - Four Stars

    Its ok but middle mouse button breaks easily everything else is wonderful for people with big hands like myself.