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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Armani - Wilson!!!

    Playing volleyball at the beach with this is a head turner for sure, the ball came ready and pumped to the amount used professionally, ball was used all summer long and no problems what so ever. You can't beat it for the price you pay, it's cheaper than buying a ball at a sports store plus you got the touch of Wilson. Planning to buy one more in case they go out of stock. Definite conversation starter!

  • Morgwon - Like a glove

    Antenna works great. Installs easy. Purchased because OEM antenna kept getting caught as I pulled in and out of the garage. Also now I can use the luggage rack without having to unscrew the antenna.

  • Alex T. - Sexy & you know it

    this taillight is an essential piece. Bright and crystal clear. Works very well. The installation took about an hour, but was rewarding. I hope I don't offend anyone, but it's having a good looking girlfriend/ having a good looking girlfriend who does squats. I don't know why Honda couldn't make that a stock taillight. Kudos to motodynamic

  • yoon s kim - Great pan! Took a little while to get the ...

    Great pan! Took a little while to get the seasoning built up right but now it cooks great. It's a beautifully designed pan and I keep it on the stove even though the handle is really long. I used refined coconut oil to build up the seasoning, probably should have gone with flaxseed oil or Crisco at the beginning but after several batches of bacon this pan is completely non-stick. I also have a beautifully seasoned Lodge 12" inch skillet but I think I'll use that one mainly for fried chicken now because busting that out requires a little muscle. This pan is more utilitarian since it's lighter and the handle does not get too hot to handle.