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  • SparkyK - Thinking it works, but not easy to use

    Not easy to use. Pop ups with advertising for more security purchases. Eliminate the pop ups and then have to approve all pop ups.....pain!

  • Jennifer Luckey - LOVE IT!

    I've used JoJoba hot oil treatments for years. One store discontinued the kind I used and I came across Queen Helene at the beauty store many years ago, after long hard search. Now the beauty store in my area is discontinuing it...So, I resorted to Amazon in my search. I don't even heat this up, I just use it like a conditioner and then rinse. This makes my hair very shiny and bouncy every time. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly though. I hope the manufacturer isn't discontinuing this and it is only the beauty store near me.

  • Amanda Rajchel - Great game to play with friends and family!

    We played for hours with the entire family laughing and having a blast. When first using it be prepared for a lengthy software update. Took about 20 mins before we could start playing.

  • majenica - Great scent!

    This soap has a great scent. It really refreshes me and gives me a cooling feeling. The only downside is the quickness with which it is used up. It just doesn't last a long time. I purchased this product at full price for personal use.

  • Sunny - Don't work!!!!!

    I have been using this product faithfully for 5 weeks and have not noticed any difference in my eye lashes. In fact they are falling out. Everyday I lose at least one lash. Do not waste your money on this product!

  • Jeff Phelps - Endless energy!

    I'm a all natural bodybuilder. Been lifting over 25 years now. Have been looking for a good supplement to take during my creatine off cycle. The search is finally over. This M Stak is just straight up vicious! Can take about a week to really kick in, but once it does its unbelievable! The energy is through the roof! and not in a jittery caffeine kind of way just sustained energy through and through the workout, and for me it lasted practically all day. I've actually had to do multiple burnout sets because I never seem to get tired. needless to say I am very happy with this product.

  • SpearsEE - Backpack

    Awsome backpack for the money.Granddaughter loved the plaid colors and design.Strapes padded and wide. Large area inside of bag for plenty of books and supplies