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  • whitney miller - Awesome stuff. Definitely is 100% pure

    Awesome stuff. Definitely is 100% pure. I use it to keep the fleas off my dog and I use it for pimples and stuff. But i read something about demodex which really freaked me out and it said to use tea tree oil around your eyes to keep them away and just dont do that. It burned the crap out of my eyes! Its my own fault though, this stuff is good.

  • B Rock - Good reference book

    This book has a lot of information. I am not sure if I completely agree with the organization of the information. A section of how to use this and don't cold call these people would be helpful! But the information (once you figure out how to really use it all), is plentiful and helpful. Take your time reading through this book. And good luck with your writing adventures.

  • Doug M - Doesn't flow great

    I love the real time coaching and feedback. However, I was really hoping for the ability to link my suggested workouts together and be able to combine them to create a good workout routine that lasts an 45 minutes which includes time for stretching. Also, I think the stretching is under emphasized her with only having yoga as the stretching option. This is just not good enough stretches for the workout you could be doing. The time between navigating from one exercise to another takes way too long. I am cooled down before I can move between two 10 minute exercises.

  • Courtney - I love this cream

    I love this cream! It really works. I started to notice the difference honestly after the first wk. I use the magic on my booty and my breast. It wasn't a huge change but l did notice (bra starting to tighten in the cup area)the fullness and that was in my breast even tho it didn't say to use it there.I just figured let's try n see what happens since it can work for the back never the front to and lm pleased to say l will be ordering more of this to achieve my permanent new even fuller curves! I can't wait to see what the magic pills do!

  • Chas - Love it, seat is cracked.

    I have had this chair (and used it daily) for a year now. It has been great -- except for the seat. I am well within the weight limit for using the chair but about 3 weeks ago the seat started cracking and the screws started poking up from the bottom, causing the plastic to thin. The screws haven't broken through yet, but they will. I am using about half of a roll of Gorilla Tape to hold the seat together, but that isn't going to last long. I have looked in the manual at the accessories. There is no new seat offered.

  • skahld - Great shampoo!

    Our rottweiler loves this shampoo! Normally after a bath with other "natural" shampoos (we never use pesticide based shampoos with him), he would still go crazy and scratch. With this - nothing! He actually likes baths now! I even used it once. While it's not ph balanced for humans, of course, I had a lovely full head of hair.