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  • Anna - Works great!

    For years, I had been looking for a shampoo/conditioner that would keep my hair from shedding so much. I literally used to pull out wads of hair! Since I've been using this, I shed WAY LESS. For the price, I think it is definitely worth it. (: The conditioner makes my hair so soft and easy to brush, which makes for less damage to my hair.

  • OregonBuckeye - Resolved my Samsung Ultra 4k Screen/Sound going Blank Issue!

    I have a 4k Ultra 55" Samsung TV. I've had intermittent cases of the TV's picture and sound going blank and I couldn't figure out exactly why this was occurring. After doing a bit of research, one of the possible options was for me to swap out the old HDMI 1.0 cable to the newer, updated HDMI 2.0 cables. Guess what? It resolved my problem! The issue was the HDMI cable from the cable set top box to the TV. Once I swapped it out with thise cable, I'm now set and good to go! I've sinced swapped out the other HDMI cables and replaced it with these.

  • Beth - Amberen did nothing

    I was hopeful that Amberen would help with my hot flashes (and of course, promote weight loss, etc.). However, it did absolutely nothing. I would have predicted as much, since their radio ads mention "balancing your hormones". Which hormones?

  • Jack Sheahan - Guessing the new exp of my CC

    I have used QB Pro with Payroll for 17 years. Every year the process of renewal is the biggest scam. They have no email support, contact, etc. They waste hours of your time on the phone with tech support that does not understand the english language. This year I had finally had enough. I called and told them repeatedly I was not renewing. They kept asking for the new expiration date of my CC and I kept repeating that I was not renewing. Well LO AND BEHOLD they GUESSED at my new expiration date and charged my CC anyway. What a bunch of CROOKS. If I did that at my Veterinary Hospital, I would most likely get arrested and go to jail. Now I will have to dispute the charge on my CC and spend HOURS on the phone arguing with intuit YET AGAIN. THIS COMPANY HAS NO HONOR!!! Jack Sheahan President, Rosedale Veterinary Hospital Inc.