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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • John Clayson Spencer - Advanced Poison Oak Treament, Zanfel

    Its better in the preliminary stages of poison oak. I had more developed attack of poison oak so it worked ok scrubbing some of the areas of the skin but if finally came down to calamine lotion for the itch an a prescription of Perrigo triamcinolone Acetonide cream.

  • X. Liu - Buy the official guide

    HUGE WARNING FOR THOSE TAKING THE NEW GRE. The only review book you should really purchase is the Official Guide. Since it is a new test, Kaplan actually has no idea what the new questions are like.

  • Tim Stone - Software concern with Neat Desk - READ THREAD - Improvements noted

    I purchased this product because the concept sounded great. However, once the software was installed, my computer was severely impaired. From login to the display of the desktop was delayed by 6 additional minutes. I contacted the company and found out this is essentially what their software does, and there is no solution.

  • D. Clark - Funny thing is -- although the product did do good ...

    I had to stop using Caudalie products once I found that they are selling in China and are therefore no longer cruelty-free (since money means more than animal suffering, it seems). Funny thing is -- although the product did do good things for my skin, when I stopped using it I noticed my skin was much less oily. Huh.

  • TLC Wheeler - Delicious

    Oh, yum yum yum! I really really like the taste of these vitamins!! I had to remind myself that they are vitamins and not candy. Not exceeding the recommended dosage might end up being a struggle for me. Luckily, remembering to take my vitamins shouldn't be! These are delicious! Best tasting vitamin I've ever had. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, my hair and skin need a little help.. this will be a scrumptious way to do just that. Thanks, Hairomga!

  • Beenief - Excellent, instant torque is addictive

    Excellent, instant torque is addictive, I have driven more miles than i would ever have imagined since getting the car, so much fun to drive. Autopilot is remarkable i use it everyday, need to be cautious if lane markings are poor. Rear passengers complain about no arm rest, and floor of the vehicle is bit high and is noticeable in the rear. It will be hard to drive an internal combustion engine after driving electric, when accelerating it seems like all those high horse power ICE cars are standing still.

  • Dennis K Miller, Sr. - Freezer Burn

    I used earlier versions and was totally happy. Installed the new version and what a negative experience. I got it loaded ok but the darned thing freezes up as I try to import simple photos to a project. Not only does it lock up but it freezes the entire computer forcing me to power down and reboot. There is no warning message that something is amiss or I've done some bizaro thing Roxio doesn't like. Piece of garbage.