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  • Rick from Victorville, CA - Good protection, but slugs over network

    I had Prevx and Webroot bought them out. Prevx was an excellent product and I had no issues with it. I run a small company with PCs accessing programs from a fileserver. When Webroot took over, it knocked anything executing over the LAN down to a crawl. It also has a nasty side-effect of not allowing copy and paste between some of my apps. (I managed to find a control setting to fix that issue.)

  • Amazon Customer - Highly Recommend

    I love this product! Great shade and it lasts long. I received it two days after I ordered like it said I would. Very pleased.

  • John - It's a good anti virus, BUT...........

    I've been using Avast for at least 7 years. Been happy with it until now. The current updated system keeps asking me to purchase additional coverage to help speed up my computer. I find this truly annoying.

  • joeb - Too much wax

    The soap and wax combination did a very nice job cleaning the car, both metal and plastic parts. However if you don't wipe off the windows it left a spotty residue that I found difficult to remove. I assume it was the wax. This product didn't work for me. I'll go back to just soap with no wax, and wax it myself with a liquid spray.