Thorn Street Brewery - San Diego Premiere Craft Beer and Brewery - Thorn Street Brewery, est. 2012 is located at 3176 Thorn St. Thorn Street Brewery is North Park San Diego's first neighborhood brewery.

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    I'm on my second PIC and have had it a little over a month and the thermostat is messing up. hot, hot, burn then down, down, down sitting on a cold pan. I don't EVER want to talk to anyone there again. If I stand there and keep adjusting the heat I can get meal. Don't trust it for melting chocolate or making yogurt. My fried chicken sat in cold grease, till I turned it up, then down, then up. Buy a different brand. I have a commercial cooking background and know how to cook on induction. This is a bad product.

  • Chi-Chi Loves Amazon - Great stuff!

    This really does a great job at removing that old greasy build up on things in kitchen. My clock was washed and washed but still had that greasy feeling and was not clear. I sprayed this on it and you could actually see it dissolve the years of grease and grime on it. Just like new again! Scuff marks on tile wipe away with ease. I even used this on some old stained English plates from the 19th century. I let them soak in this for about an hour and then rinsed them well, 90% of the yellowed old stains were gone and no harm to the finish. Same with my porcelain, it removed the glue marks and hairline crack stains with relative ease. Worth it, especially the gallon version, it lasts forever.

  • Lane - Ok..

    Looks nice, but I feel like it keeps sliding off my hands. Also, the charging port is sort of sharp that it can possibly cut me.

  • Jay Riley - As A Political Moderate, I Was Impressed.

    As someone who spent part of his childhood in Thailand during the Vietnam war, am multi-cultural and multi-lingual as a result, I may have seen this differently than most who watch this. I am a Buddhist, child of Anthropologists, raised in a fairly liberal American household growing up. Having become more conservative as I've aged, I still do not fit neatly in a single political or social box. I give this background for much the same reason D'Souza gave his in the movie, to allow the reader to judge my biases for themself.

  • Mary - extremely disappointing that it forced a homepage change to Yahoo or Bing

    Regretfully, this once user friendly product has sold itslef to the highest bidder--"weak" Yahoo and "total crap" Bing. If it cleans up it should not force a move to the garbage now sponsoring it. This is bulls*** and likely the reason I will drop it.