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  • Shawn - LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer

    We bought this for our 5 yr. old granddaughter who lives 2900 miles away from us. When we came to visit in the summer, she said it didn't work. My husband tried to figure out what the problem was and before we left we bought her a second cord to plug it into the wall. The next time we spoke to her and her Daddy, they told us it still wasn't working properly. Now, we are here and my husband is trying to figure out why? When it does work, it won't stay on. I'm very disappointed because we bought this after our nephew had rec'd one and he & his parents loved it! It has been very frustrating for our little granddaughter and we feel like we paid for a bad product. It turns out the a/c adapter plug in the Leapster itself had cracked and would not make good contact with the adapter's cord. The solution was to buy rechargeable batteries instead of trying to use the a/c adapter. Being a kid's toy it needs to have this area beefed up. Kids will accidentally jerk the toy by it's cord and this will crack the plug.

  • Algernon7 - The force is strong with this one

    Go some mold up in your place? Well then son you need some of this here shizzle. One quick spray and BAM!!! you just ganked that funky fungus like it owed you large sums of legal tender and you were impatient to collect.

  • Vinod Shah - It is an acquired taste

    I was MS Money user for 13 years before Microsoft stopped supporting it forcing me to find alternatives. is not for me as I am sensitive about privacy.

  • Deck_the_Holls - Disappointing

    Based on all of the five star reviews and the 99 cent pricetag, I decided to give this book a try. I read the entire thing in about 2.5 hours.

  • An old lady - I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - ...

    I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - It is 8:01 am on Friday, and last nights episode of Grey's is not available yet, while it is available on Hulu. If you are going to have people pre-pay for a season, you should offer episodes in a timely manner.

  • mochaluca - Potty Training Must Need!!

    We just adopted a 9 month old shiba inu from a family in Long Island. They claimed she was house broken, but turns out she was only house broken in their house. Their routine is to let the dog do her business in their lawn any time of day. Since we live in a brownstone in Brooklyn with a vegetable garden, we don't have that luxury. She has never been walked either so it took a while for her to get used to that. Or urinating and pooping in front of us. The first week was full of accidents because the moment we look away, she's leaving a nugget on the floor. My father has a sensitive nose and can smell a gas leak two houses down, so these accidents drove him crazy. Through another dog owner, I learned of Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover and the Grannick's Bitter Apple for her habit of chewing on things she's not supposed to chew.

  • George B. - Great product does what it says it does.

    I somewhat recently bought a 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon With the 2,0 litre aircooled engine. I went to clean the ERG valve recently and found that it was clogged all the way with just greasy sooty gunk from the exhaust so im guessing my car has not had much of a cleanout ever and the erg filter is likely rusted out but nonetheless I knew that i could quickly and easily clean it out whereas a new erg filter costs a hundred dollars or more. I bought two bottles of Seafoam Motor treatment because its an add on item and that way i could get the discounted price without adding anything on. For my purposes I found it easiest to pour the seafoam into the hose that attaches to the auxiliary air valve as this was easy to remove and fed right into the junction past the Mass airflow sensor. The brake booster would have been more troublesome despite many people recommending it. I Believe you should just look at all the air hoses leading into the manifold of your car and choose which both won't change the way the engine runs and is easy to pour into which in many cases is the brake booster hose. I warmed up the engine so the auxiliary air valve would not be needed for engine operation, and then I had to cover the majority of the open and exposed end of the hose so the engine would not be choked by too much air, then Its a matter of putting the right amount of Seafoam in so that you don't choke it that way either. At this point you will begin seeing white smoke come out of the exhaust. This is a sign that the seafoam is burning and working properly so continue until you've used nearly a third of the bottle. I actually had trouble killing the engine at the end when you are supposed to pour enough in to kill it so I just shut off the ignition after dumping a lot in at the end. I waited about 10 minutes for it to all soak in and then restarted the engine. I let it run for a little and then began a slow drive around the neighborhood in a low gear to run the engine quickly but not too fast. This created the most smoke by far which is good because that meant it soaked well. Once the smoke stopped or slowed significantly I shut the engine off and checked in the ERG valve hole on the manifold once the engine cooled. I Could not find any more of the greasy black gunk so It worked! The rest was split between going into the fuel and the oil to clean out injectors and galleys and I plan on an oil change soon as a result. Great product does what it says it does and my engine is running much smoother now likely due to a more even mixture in a no longer impacted manifold. I also recommend watching a youtube video on how to do this, it helps to see the things I'm talking about.