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  • kits - Very compact yet works like a Pro-Style

    Too bad, I missed on this New Waffle Iron when I shopped for a Professional series waffle iron. I got Waring Pro WMK300 model which does EXCELLENT Belgain Waffles and has great reviews here. I saw this NEW Villaware model in a friends house and it works as good as the Waring Pro model and does better in looks. It's much more compact and looks styish in kitchen. Maybe, someday I will get this because I find the Waring Pro model looks very ugly after seeing this model or the Kitchen-Aid model(way too expensive but makes 2 Waffles at a time)!

  • Mrandall94 - Amazing Product

    I take one pill about 30 minutes before I head to the gym and I can feel my body heat up but not to the point where I feel sick, I drink a lot of water throughout the day and this helps me really sweat it out at the gym! So far my results are pretty good. It isn't a magic pill you have to put your own hard work into these. No jittery side effects and I have the energy I want at the gym. My skin doesn't feel tingly either when taking this.

  • Amazon Customer - Works great for schedule C

    I've been using H&R Block tax software for about 8 years now and have been consistently happy with the results. It works great for my family's returns, including my small consulting business. I definitely would have missed some of the allowable deductions without the software to guide me, and I find the software easy to use. I've prepared my own returns as well as returns for friends and family members with no major problems.

  • Shelly Lust - Great combination of science, adventure, and romance.

    I really enjoyed the way the story opens. There are events unfolding in the present and flashbacks that provide some backstory. I am not a science buff, and though the technologies are very cool, I am drawn more to the relationships developing among the characters: power struggles and budding romance, crisis management and heroic rescues, suspicion and trust, aggression and affection, self-doubt and soul searching. Six explorers of sorts on a mission to investigate a mysterious spacecraft have to prepare themselves to face any number of adversities at their destination, but also overcome the trials of spending 10 months in a small transport with micro gravity and even less privacy. Tensions are high when they dock, and things quickly go downhill from there. Will they be able to work together to make contact, complete their mission, and return home, or will they get in each other's way? When they find another force at play, who will determine if it is friend or foe? Will emotions interfere with duties? Can a budding romance survive a shift in power? Will all my questions be answered, or will I have to wait for the sequel?

  • Ceehu - ... because of the price but the product works just fine Im able to shave all areas of my back ...

    I gave the Bro 4 stars I didnt give it 5 only because of the price but the product works just fine Im able to shave all areas of my back with it ... Definitely not a bad buy

  • tati1435 - Love it!!!

    Awesome hair product! The seller Aveyou was great... Ships fast problem was USPS was horrible and delayed the delivery. Even came in a nice tote bag! I don't necessarily have to twist my hair... It says it can also be used for wash and go styles as well. I have 3a/3b curly frizzy hair... Highly recommend

  • Sewinglady - Excellent

    Excellent! Well thought out and easy to follow. One of the best guides I have found on the market today. YES I would purchase again form this author.