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  • A. Barker - It's NOT hot pink!

    The picture on amazon makes this drill look hot pink, when, in fact, it is RED! I'm returning mine and getting a pink one made by someone else.

  • Amazon Customer - ... well made - the bag is very thick and sturdy and the straps more than adaquate

    The construction is very well made - the bag is very thick and sturdy and the straps more than adaquate. As another reviewer mentioned, the bag is a little stiff in colder weather, making it difficult to zip. I can also see the advantage of adding a homemade pvc pipe frame as other reviewers have done. The way the straps attach to the top of the bag are well reinforced, but it remains to be seen how well they will hold up under years of use. The bag did not show any signs of wear from this initial trip. We did not even use up the capacity of this bag and still fit in 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, a portable baby bed (similar to a pack-and-play), 2 large swim totes filled with swim gear, a folding booster seat with tray, our laundry in a large laundry bag, packs of diapers, and more! I see no reason why this bag could not also be used on a roof top carrier, but I have not yet tried it for this use. We will probably end up using it in our flatbed trailer and on camping trips as well. Fabulous product!