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  • Storyteller - Happy Birthday gift.

    My new son-in-law is a master carpenter and his face just beamed when he opens this gift. I scored big points with this new member of our family.

  • Mauvis Ledford - Great for Subaru Forrester 2016

    This fit perfectly fine on my 2016 Subaru Forrester. Way cheaper than OEM and works well with Yakima-brand snowboard and ski mounts.

  • Jeff C Patko - Put it on for 2 cycles and I feel 80% better. It's really a great product

    I have owned this unit for several years now. I am a chronic lower back pain sufferer. Every time I use the machine it helps. Problem is I don't always use it unless my back hurts. I think if I used it more it would probably stop the pain before it happens. That's my fault not the product. Decided to write this because today my back has been hurting all day and I remembered to pull it out of the closet. Put it on for 2 cycles and I feel 80% better. It's really a great product. Wish they made one for the neck.

  • Emmy - Very happy with this purchase..

    I needed a doghouse badly. After checking Walmart and ruling out an"igloo" model I went to Tractor Supply. They had a wooden one for $149.00. I was unsure it was large enough and didn't feel I wanted to spend the time putting it together. If I wanted to do that I'd just build one. This purchased hinged on cost, size and ease of assembly. I read the other reviews and decided I'd try this one. I have a German Shepard pup. The doghouse had to be durable; reviews indicated it could take a bit of a beating. I was aware it would be light and would have to be battened down. I was also aware it would need to be mounted on a pallet or something. I could not find this doghouse for less. I am a Prime member so the shipping was "free." The price was lower than any place else I looked.

  • T. Medina - This walking stick is very well constructed and easy to adjust to your personal needs

    This walking stick is very well constructed and easy to adjust to your personal needs. I was happy to see that it even has a compass on the handle!! I didn't notice that in the description.

  • John Irey - Good learning Program with a few shortcomings

    Great way to learn guitar, but it is more game than lesson. The lessons move you too quickly into advanced techniques. I would recommend Rock Prodigy for lessons and this for playing practice. There tons of songs from simple to complex that will help you improve your skills.

  • androclus - Works great, solid, nice fit.

    Very reliable, feels solid in hand, good fit. I've had a couple other models before, but this is my favorite so far. Good labeling (white text on dark background: thoughtful!) of key, too. I also like the rubber curved sides. Feels good in the hand. Thank you