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  • Mike From Mesa - Decent software with some issues

    I recently upgraded from Creator 2011 (a full functionality OEM version from Dell) to the commercial Creator 2011 Pro version to allow me to create slide shows using blu-ray discs so I feel able to comment on both versions of this software. The first thing I should say is that I have never had the kind of problems mentioned by some reviewers and generally found the software to function well on my system.

  • Lynn Frock - A Very Useful Book

    It will quickly become obvious that the author of "Forecast Scheduling" is a Microsoft Project expert. The book's content is detail rich. That content is organized in a manner consistent with the widely recognized steps of schedule construction and maintenance. We can use this book for reference, brush up on rusty technique, self study (whole or part) or classroom learning. Whatever our approach, "Forecast Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2010" is a very useful book

  • Melissa - I cannot say enough about this book!

    I feel like I owe Rick a personal THANK YOU! My husband and I just travelled in Italy for nearly 2 weeks... my only regret about this book is that I didn't commit to it sooner. I don't know why I waffled about for so long wondering what book to buy (got it for my Kindle 4 days into the trip after I got tired of being lost/confused/uninformed all the time). This book saved us so much time and money. Our experience changed so much once we had the book. Without it we were wandering aimlessly, getting stuck in bad, overpriced restaurants, seeing amazing things and having no idea why they were important, or passing by important sights without even realizing it. With it, we ate well, understood important sights, and noticed things we never would have otherwise.

  • Dan Griesemer - Good deal

    They are as advertised. The instructions were simple. The hardest part of installation was removing the rear tires which isn't hard in order to get the drill in. You just have to turn the front tires to get the drill in to drill the holes. They fit perfect, couldn't be any better. Can't beat the price for the quality.

  • NimrodTino - Great light.

    I've had this light for over a year and a half and still love it. I've used it every day at work and it's holding up fine (minus scuffs). I do have two complaints that don't warrant this product loosing stars. One is the diffuser tip works great, but doesn't stay on as well as it used to. It's not the fault of the light, the problem is with the plastic in the diffuser. It seems I have worn down the part of the diffuser that holds on to the light. My temporary fix for this was to wrap the head of the light with black electrical tape and that creates enough friction to keep the diffuser tip on. This temporary fix has already lasted several months. My other complaint is again not the light, but the case that comes with it. It's better than other nylon cases that come included with their lights, but mine is coming undone. It's still a usable case, but I just ordered a replacement 5-inch flashlight holster from Maxpedition. Even though I love this light, I will likely replace it with one made by ZebraLight, but that could be a while, since this one is doing just fine.