Pest Control | Electronic Pest Control | - A guide to pest control and the many different options to control pest such as mice, rats, and insects. Explore options such as electronic pest control, or find a pest control company.

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  • Dennis R. Vazquez - Al Cass valve oil 2.0 oz

    Applied to an old trumpet whose valves were very stiff and the instrument is now working very well and the valves are easy to press and return very quickly to the top position! Price is very reasonable.

  • Rutt89 - Great find for me!

    This was an awesome find for me. I love it! It goes on super smooth and light. It does really work. I often wake up with puffy eyes. I apply this and in minutes the puffiness begins fade away. I have had many compliments on my completion since I have started using this!!! It has a very slight warming feeling when it goes on, but that fades in moments. It is great under other moisturizers and make-up. There is no sunblock in it, so you will need to apply something with sunblock if you go out.

  • Mom2TAG - THE BEST!!!

    I needed to fix my floors after using a similar product that made them look dull and fast since I had company coming. I saw an advertisement on TV about Quick Shine went right to Walgreens and purchased it. The best product I've used on my floors by far. It brought back the luster my floors had before the other product and then some. I definitely used a whole lot of "elbow grease", but well worth the time and effort. It dried withing a half hour and our 2 year old walked all over it and not one smudge mark. Cannot say enough about this product. I am a buyer for life!!!

  • J. Oliver - Another Strike Out

    I picked up this product at a store that I work at and was pretty excited to try something that might actually work. See, I have razor and ingrown hairs all over my legs and being a girl.... well lets just say it not nice to the touch. I've just used up my first bottle. I still have dark spots, none of that improved (perhaps it would work better on the face?). It helped my ingrown hairs some, however I still had a significant amount. I've so far tried everything from AHA to glycolic on my legs after I've shaved and so far no luck. I've just ordered tend skin... so I have my fingers crossed.

  • dean - Cultural appropriation is stupidity

    There's no such thing as cultural appropriation. The world has, and will always be, a giant melting pot of ideas and cultures. People who use the term are the real racists. These costumes are being given fake reviews by political idiots. Ignore the safe space brats.