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  • Dale in Texas - I am very impressed, and it works withWindows 8 with no Problems and rated the Best this year!

    This is a very good program and very easy to use. I had Kaspersky Pure, but they couldn't seem to fix the problem with their NDIS 6 filter, which causing WIFI dropouts constantly. This program does not have that problem. So even with lots of time left on my Kaspersky, it became unusable. This program is fast and has you covered and works well with Windows 8! Sorry Kaspersky, you should have worked on my claim and not closed the ticket. Read My review on Kaspersky Pure. BUY IT AND INSTALL IT, YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

  • Richard B. - Don't waste your money

    So my wife ran across this at home depot on sale for $70. I quickly checked Amazon and found it for much more so we went ahead and purchased it yesterday... and returned it today. Although a cool idea and a few of the "videos" we're cool, the projector itself is as cheap as they come. You can spent about the same money to purchase a "real" one that will do exactly the same thing at much higher quality. Don't be fooled by the advertising that this is made for decorations because although true that's all its good for for the same money as a real projector with a picture 10 times better. Also the included videos are very short and although a couple of them are okay they certainly aren't worth the extra price you're paying here. If you want to do something like this just buy a real projector and find or purchase the videos separately.

  • EmbeddedFlyer - GoPro Brand Is Seriously Damaged

    I read an article about how the founder of GoPro is now a billionaire. Perhaps his obscene wealth reduced his interest in offering quality products and acceptable customer support?


    2/6/2014 I bought it from Intuit. It worked fine, until May 2014. Then the horror show began. Backups failed. The software crashed. Data was lost. I phoned Intuit, and was told it is a "known problem". I was told no estimated date existed to fix it. I was sent an email that "explained" the problem, which apparently exists also in Quickbooks for Mac 2013. A copy of the email is set forth below. 6/2/2014 I spent hours on the phone with Intuit tech support. It verified I do not have corrupted data, which means it is a software bug. Tech support has been horrible. I repeatedly have lost data since last May. Tech support actually has made matters worse, resulting in lost data. Different tech support reps contradict one another, and make promises that they then violate. The experience is horrible. The software is horrible. The tech support is horrible. My business is suffering. My search for alternative software has begun. I'm tired of Intuit. Maybe it's good for a PC, but MAC USERS SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM INTUIT LIKE THE PLAGUE.

  • Amazon Customer - !2 years and counting!

    I purchase them every year for the last 12 years (a bit late this year). And share with my girls as well and two friends. We track our cycles and follow the moon cycles. Makes for an interesting family ritual and they have medically come in handy as a record. Love 'em!