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  • M. Armendariz - Great pan- just know what to expect with stainless pans

    People- ALL STAINLESS SHEET PANS WARP WHEN HOT!!! You buy stainless ovenware if you are worried about aluminum leaching into your food. You want a pan that doesn't buckle at high temps and you don't care about aluminum's health issues? Great, then buy an aluminum sheet pan! Oven fry your bacon in Pyrex. Use this for cookies, jelly rolls (obviously), roasting vegetables, and cooking meats that don't release a lot of juices. Line it with parchment paper and press your n0-cook bars into it- the pan fits in my freezer. Pull out the parchment paper and cut your bars.

  • Tara - Good book. Kept me reading til the end

    Good book. Kept me reading til the end! Havent read any books by Robert Dugoni before and now am reading the 1st in the Tracy detective series. So far so good!

  • Sydnie Robinson - Slumber Party World

    I choose this rating because this was a good and funny book about a couple of girls. The only this i disliked is that it was a little short. I would recommend this book to my bestfriends and some girls in my class that were my bestfriends then wasnt the was again.

  • Dr. Tek - Tivo File Support, But Crippled at Best!

    Roxio is one of the ONLY programs out there that offer Tivo file support for editing and authoring. I bought 2012 with that in mind, but much to my surprise, the resolution is limited to 640X480. I've sent emails to BOTH Tivo and Roxio, and each one points to the other as the reason for the crippling. Roxio has had Tivo support for some time, albeit crippled.