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  • Knight Templar - Great Income Tax Software

    I've been using H&R Block's tax software for years and will continue to do so. Everything about it is easy and I already have a $950 refund check. My conditions changed somewhat this year, but making up my return was not difficult. And, of course, data for next year are stored in my computer.

  • Kd7ctv - This is a pretty cool little light

    This is a pretty cool little light. It runs on three AA batteries and once in if you pull the top and bottom apart you get the lantern part which is pretty bright. Then there is a switch on the bottom side of the case that will turn on the flash light. It's not the brightest, but it'll work to help you spotlight something or a path where you might need to walk. the handle can move from being on the side to being on the back top part so you can carry it as a lantern. It seems well built and as I said it was bright enough when using the lantern part of it. I have other lanterns but this one is one of the nicer ones I've tested or bought. I'm very happy with it.

  • Tammy Taylor - Will use again

    The amazing thing about this product is that if you continuously use this, you can see a significant difference. It's easy on your skin as well, won't cause any irritation. The only improvement I would suggest is the mask is a bit small. It doesn't cover my entire face. And if you leave it on for too long, you will start to feel tingling - depends on if you like the feeling or not. It doesn't bother me.

  • RedDixieCup - Wonderful for facial hair removal

    my favorite beauty product of 2015. I was getting my whole face threaded once a month (peach fuzzy) to the tune of about sixty bucks. These do the same thing, maybe even better. I've never had to deal with ingrown hairs or irritation. Also, this exfoliates the skin as you use it, and my face feels and looks clearer and brighter. I know a lot of people say shaving your face will make the hair grow back thicker and darker, but it's simply not true. I've been using this for about six months now and haven't seen any changes in the texture or color of my hair. What I have seen is that my makeup goes on smoother and hangs around longer.

  • Mike and Erin - My hair was damaged by a poorly-performed CHI straightening chemical ...

    My hair was damaged by a poorly-performed CHI straightening chemical process. I was afraid 20% of my hair was going to break off after the process, but only a few hairs have broken off. I'm making this part of my regular routine.

  • ToxicHaji - Super easy to install on my 2013 Wrangler JKU and ...

    Super easy to install on my 2013 Wrangler JKU and the smoked lenses are quite dark (as pictured) which was the effect I wanted. LEDs are bright except for the white reverse lights which could be a bit brighter IMO (add another row of LEDs?) but otherwise a solid product that's simple to install and a nice detail if you're going for that "blackout" effect on your Jeep.