°SOL FALCO ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL CALA'N BOSCH (MENORCA) 3* (Spain) - from € 269 | BOOKED - Sol Falco All Inclusive Hotel - Sol Falco All Inclusive Hotel is located near by idyllic beaches. The building was renovated in 1999.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Marion C McLeod Jr - Hoping For Better

    Books co-authored not up to past series. Realize author is trying to "pass the baton" but son doesn't have the life experiences or writing skills of the father. Still reading every book in hopes some of the old qualities will surface.

  • J. A. Kunzler - Necessary if you need to learn Quickbooks quickly

    A very valuable book to quickly get into Quickbooks. I needed to within a few days learn how to operate Quickbooks - and this book made that possible.

  • Michele - Recently Purchased and so far, so good...

    I am a single mother of an almost 3 year old boy. He has speech issues and has been in speech therapy since he was about two years old. We (myself and him) have learned some ASL (American Sign Language) techniques that have "defused" some of his negative behavior. As I and his therapist suspected, a lot of negative behavior has steamed from his lack of ability to communicate his needs as he got older.

  • Cheryl Warnick - Proactiv is controlling - trust me I know - I have used it many years.

    I have used proactiv for many many years. I love the product. But I will not be using it anymore. Proactiv will not let you buy what you want and when you want it. In order to get the membership price, you have to join the "club." Otherwise your prices will be much higher. Once you join the club, they will send you automatic shipments whether you need it or not. You are forced to pay shipping to return it or just buy what you don't need. You can put a hold on the shipments so they come less frequent but they won't let you do that without an extra phone call. And you can't put it on hold for more than 6 months. If you don't need any, you will have to cancel your membershipAnd they charge your credit card every so often in installments whether you want them to or not. I would think proactiv would feel confident enough it it's product to let people buy it how and when they want to. I like proactiv, but not enough to put up with business policies. I am switching to something else.

  • David Gitlin - Good deal

    Essentially what I expected. Arrived on time. Relatively easy to install (some difficulty lining up bolts with holes), and MUCH less expensive than Honda dealer. There is no place on rack ends to tie off ropes/bungies, which is a problem however. Need to figure that out.

  • Amazon Customer - this actually gives a beautiful color and I had a base tan after two ...

    this actually gives a beautiful color and I had a base tan after two 7 minute tanning sessions. I am light and tend to freckle, this gave such a gorgeous color and left my skin so incredibly soft. Smells like coffee but it isn't over powering and goes away.

  • Curious Dog - Good shipping time product as advertised

    Not much to say, the quality is about what you would expect for the price and description. Shipped pretty quickly and was fun to wear around my boss lol