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  • catherine - You'll Love Your Feet!

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this, and I was concerned about the number of complaints that the unit stopped working when pressing against a callous. After using it, I found that the only reason it would stop spinning was because I pressed too hard. Pressing harder against the callous isn't going to get rid of it faster. A callous is multiple layers of dead skin: it's going to take work and a little patience to get rid of it. Before my first use, I had thick callouses on my heels and on the sides of my big toes. This unit worked wonderfully to remove them. I spent about 15 minutes on each foot: considering this was my first use, that's not too bad. It's important to clean the roller after using it- otherwise, it is not as effective. The removed "flakey skin powder" builds up and sticks to the roller, which is like coarse sandpaper. You'll notice the difference in how it works when it's clean versus when its not. Major difference.

  • Amazon Customer - It's working so far

    I'm on week 2 and I can already see a difference. I can't wait to see what will happen in a month or 2

  • junecc - Happy Camper

    I've have been shopping on Amazon for quite some time and this is the first product that I wanted to review. I have tried every diet that came down the pike and nothing works like this one. Just like all the other reviews I had energy, felt great and was not hungry - not once. I just completed 14 days and I am excited to announce that I lost 8 lbs. Considering that I only wanted to lose 20 lbs. this is quite impressive. I have done the Daniel Fast (fruits & veggies only) for 21 days and only lost 3 lbs. The first drink I had made tasted pretty nasty because I used water, the powder, coconut oil & stevia. I mixed it in my magic bullet and I was drinking chunks of Almased and coconut oil. I re-read the reviews and tried to make it better by using half water and half unsweetened coconut milk, coconut oil, organic unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia, cinnamon & vanilla extract - and a little ice. I also used my vitamix which did an awesome job in blending the powder & coconut oil. It was yummy and I have enjoyed every drink since. One day I forgot to put the cocoa and it was a delicious vanilla shake with a nice hint of cinnamon. I re-read the directions and realized that today was the first day of "The Reduction Phase". Very happy with my Starting Phase and know that this product will get me to my goal!!!! p.s. I haven't done any exercise at all and plan to start walking this week to continue with the steady weight loss!!! Try it you won't be disappointed...

  • Joseph - Doesn't work

    I read the directions, followed them explicitly with timing and everything. It took 2 hours of work for my hair to look exactly like it did before I started.