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  • G.A. Hagedorn - Chemical smell overpowering, nauseating

    This was given to me by someone who (understandably) didn't want it. The Chemical smell is so overpowering, even in the small puppy version, it took me all the next day to air out the room my dog spends the night in. I'd hate to imagine what the dose in the adult version might smell like. What little time I spent in that room made me me flee with nausea and a splitting sinus headache. Forget cuddling until after I can bathe him. I can't imagine how sick it must have made my poor dog feel. If ticks could only smell this, it should work, but I removed it and threw it out without waiting to see if it would do any good on keeping ticks at bay.

  • culturedmass046 - I purchased these for my girlfriend in April, and ...

    I purchased these for my girlfriend in April, and the kids have already broken. How do I take advantage of the no hassle lifetime warranty?? Thank you

  • Amazon Customer - Great little antenna!

    Great reception and hoping that this one won't break off when at the car wash! Much easier to remove for the wash than the factory standard and no loss of signal. Would buy again.

  • Delberto! - itemized deductions for charity and property tax (just like TurboTax once did) before Intuit got greedy

    So long TurboTax. TaxAct Deluxe Federal edition let me file our 3 different W-2's, small business income, IRA data, investment income data, itemized deductions for charity and property tax (just like TurboTax once did) before Intuit got greedy. I saved last years TurboTax data as a .pdf file and TaxAct was even able to import the vast majority of data (names, addresses, SSN's etc) for me to review rather than type in (if you didn't save last years data as a .pdf file you are going to have to enter that data). Even if you cannot import from last year that is no biggie. The TaxAct software did just like it should. Walks you through the normal questions of income compiling, taxes paid, deductions etc. with little fuss or hassle and in a pretty straightforward manner. I cannot believe Intuit was so stupid to lose what was probably a pretty faithful following - but this year many people have been bamboozled into buying an Intuit product that is either out of date, or (less) than what they needed to file and always at a ridiculously high price to do normal family tax filing. I'm sure they will regroup next year when they see how many people left but it will be too late. TaxAct is priced in the sweet spot so unless they screw up like Intuit did I see no reason why I won't use them again next year (are you listening TaxAct? :-)). My state is already set up for electronic filing online - so I did not need to bother buying or upgrading to a State edition. This product is the Federal product only but very robust. TaxAct rocked this year.