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  • J. Danvers - Best I've ever used

    I have been a runner and a treadmill user for several years, and have used different models of treadmills in gyms on a regular basis. This is hands-down the best one I have ever used because 1. It is extremely sturdy and barely even vibrates when you run on it, plus has a great shock-absorbtion system, 2. It has a great display with easy to read, non-rotating information and quick and intuitive shortcuts to any speed that you want, and 3. It includes luxery features such as a fan which does, actually work, and an ipod connection with decent speakers. This is all without the i-fit module which I have not purchased. It also folds up pretty easily and almost lowers itself, which is a relief for anyone like me with back issues. It took me and my dad three hours to put it together, and it was complicated. I recommend getting a professional to come put it together for you if there is one in the area. The manuel is confusing and the construction a little counterintuitive. Other than this, I think it is a fantasic treadmill, especially for the price. If I could custom design one, I can't think of a thing that I'd add.

  • Vincent - Not what I expected

    i've seen the videos I love what Hydro moose have to offer but what came in the box was totally different.

  • T. Smith - You'll be sorry

    I didn't buy this software thru Amazon, I bought it directly thru BitDefender using a discount code I received, and based upon high ratings it received on CNET. I purchased the Anti-Virus 2013 edition with 3 computer licenses.

  • John J. Garrison, Jr. - A Must Have App

    This is the most wonderful app I have downloaded. With my headhones, I can watch Netflix from the comfort of my bed without disturbing my wife. I even propper it along side the tub one night while I gave my kids a bath. They thought it was awesome. It can be used everywhere. You have to have this!

  • Dhiman Raja - Great sleeping aid - recommended by nutritionist

    This product was recommended to me by my nutritionist, and it works like a charm! Just make sure you don't take too much of it, or you will be spending too much time in the bathroom the next day! I'd suggest trying it out on a weekend as your first try to make sure it suits your body.

  • tioroberto - Customer service is a joke with this company

    I purchased a Seiki TV at because of the low price. Very poorly constructed, the coaxial input was not attached. I used the set for a monitor and it worked OK until I tried to hook up cable tv. Seiki Customer service was a joke. (The Walmart warranty had expired) I called and called Seiki trying to get this resolved. When they sent me a replacement set, it didn't work at all. Then I had to send that set back, and wait again. On the third try I received a refurbished tv as a replacement for the original. The case was scratched, and it was last years model. BUY ANOTHER BRAND IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO RESOLVE DEFECTS IN THE TV.

  • David Wright - An excellent manual for Access novices

    I have some experience with databases and database structure, but almost none with Access, and this manual has been close to perfect as I convert a membership database for a volunteer organization from Excel to a more appropriate applicaiton. It introduces database concepts in a clear and painless way, with lots of examples and tips for more experienced users. Really experienced users would be put off by all the examples and the wordiness, but I have found it to be very helpful. The author uses examples that are approachable, but complex enough to show many Access features that are much harder to describe clearly than to show by example. I highly recommend this book, at least for users with similar backgrounds.