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  • cbentley - Looks just like the picture

    Looks just like the picture. Very cheap looking in person. Haven't worn it yet. Hopefully my son will look like Chase when he wears it! Kinda looks like a werewolf in a blue vest. It's a one-piece and the vest piece is fairly sheer.

  • C.Will - Worked for me. No more leaks.

    When faced with the decision of spending $800 replacing the rear main seal on my truck, or risk wasting $15 trying out this, I went with this. I am glad I did too. I used as directions said, and I have not had any more leaking in the last 3 months since I bought it. Even if it doesn't last forever, it sure saved me spending $800 that I didn't have for a truck with a value of only $2k.

  • Kimberly - I really wanted to like it.

    I told my husband that I am the most gullible person. I fall for anything, Nuwave oven infomercial wasn't any different. I was trying to find something that would make cooking easier and I was sold on Nuwave. It is NOTHING like it shows. In order to cook the meat completely, you have to flip the chicken mid-way through the cooking...that makes it nearly impossible to cook veggies around it. The meat drips the fat, which of course is a good thing, so you must use the rack but unless you like fatty veggies, don't put them on the lower level. I am the type of person that I make sure the meat is at the perfect tempature by using a meat thermometer. The only way I am able to acheive the correct tempature with the Nuwave oven is to basically burn the chicken skin. I tried cooking cookies...that was a freakin joke...cookie dough EVERYWHERE!!!