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  • Madeline F. - I immediatley fell in love with how Sebamed felt going on and how my ...

    My Mom introduced this to me about 7 years ago. I typically used lotions from Dr. Perricone or Murad. I immediatley fell in love with how Sebamed felt going on and how my skin glowed all day afterward. This lotion doesn't make me break out which some can make me do. Every now and then I'll purchase another cream when I'm in Sephora and they always go to waste because nothing makes my skin feel the way Sebamed does. At a fraction of the cost too1

  • RWebs - Another Solid Game

    Overall, a pretty great game. It will make you get off the couch and burn some calories! I do wish there were a bigger song selection, but with the 2015 edition, it's a nice addition to my collection.

  • David - Good luck finding a way to do it

    Nero 2015 Platinum is long on promises, but short on delivery. Simple tasks are complex, and help menus are scanty. Want to rip a CD to your hard drive? Good luck finding a way to do it. Other programs have a button for "Rip a CD", Nero has none. Click on the rip/copy tab and you're nowhere close to finding a path to the task. Pull up a tutorial or help menu to see how to perform a task and you'll likely not find any answers there either. If you spend the time to master Nero, you may eventually be proficient but a feature of well-designed software is that manuals are often unnecessary when the task is familiar. With Nero, even if you've used similar software before, you'll likely be lost.