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  • Agra - Good detox tea!!!!

    It's hard to really write an outstanding review about food or drinks because everyone's tastes differ. But, I love this tea.

  • ANDREA1969 - I Spy With My Eye....

    This "PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam Dual Camera 1080P Dual camera Front Camera 158°Back Camera 120°Wide Angle Super Night Vision Mode HD Video 1920*1080 DVR" takes great footage. Once you set up this dash cam it will automatically turn on and off (almost instantly) with your car so you don’t even have to think about it. The cable is VERY long and can be tucked into the gap around your windshield to not obstruct your view. The camera continually takes 5-10-15 minute video segments and overwrites the oldest segments when the SD card runs out of space. If the camera senses an impact it will lock that video segment and put it into a separate folder in the SD card where it will not be overwritten. You can also press the lock button on the camera to manually lock a segment from being overwritten.