The SASH Research Project | Investigating Social Aspects of Self-Harm, Drug and Alcohol Use -   The SASH Research Project (Social Aspects of Self-Harm, including drug and alcohol use) investigated what people aged 14-16 had to say about: drug and alcohol use, and self-harm. The project ran from 2013-2014. Findings are being written up, links and further info on the blog. The project held interviews, an online survey,  and group…

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  • Kindle Customer - and customer support even worse. No refunds

    I have been using Nero for many years, so I figured I would upgrade from Nero10 to Nero2016. I installed Nero2016 and found it to be exactly the same as Nero10, except for some major bugs that weren't present in Nero10. I have had problems with sound syncing, fit-to-disc, distorted menu backgrounds, and intolerable slowness. I can't figure out how Nero can make a new package, several generations newer, and create it with more problems than the older version! The forums were less than worthless, and customer support even worse. No refunds, or course, because I "opened" the package.

  • KennethF - BE QUIET When You're Not Lost !!!

    I bought five mynt's so far, four as gifts and one for myself, and I'm regretting it. The concept is nice but the software needs better documentation and finer control over the features (unless it's already there and I can't find it ... see comment about documentation). I have the same problem as other reviewers -- my Mynt beeps at the wrong time!!! I only want the Mynt to beep when I'm looking for it, with the app sending out the "turn on your beep now" commands. I don't want my Mynt beeping when it loses connection to the phone. EVER!!! I don't see a way of disabling the "beep when alone" feature .. so I can't leave my keys by my bed if I go downstairs for a midnight snack, as it'll wake my wife. I can't go for a morning run unless I take my keys, leaving them behind wakes my wife. I also bought her two Mynts, but they also beep at the wrong times. She wants to throw all three in the trash.

  • GarionOrb - Simple and Wonderful

    I've said it about a million times on various reviews I've written. The mark of a real artist, regardless of genre, is the ability for them to try new things, and succeed at them. We knew back in 2008/2009 that there was greatness instilled in Lady Gaga, and throughout the last eight years she has shown to be a phenomenal performer, chameleon, and artist in general with a penchant for showmanship. We've seen her tackle pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, and country and in each case she has seemed perfectly at home. As though it just came naturally to her. So is the same for Joanne, her latest album and reincarnation.

  • Bunny - No skill required just money

    Don't waste time or money on this game. I reached Los Angles 108 and like most games it does get more difficult. However, the game designers seem to make things not really more difficult for your skill level, but more difficult so you will spend money. I have spent too much time stuck on one level. At 108, you can only go forward if you master all three levels. Skill is not necessary, just money, because the level gives you only one choice per action, you take that action, and then there is just one more choice and so it resets the pieces, and there is just one more choice, and so it goes, until there are no more opportunities to play, so you start again. I've contacted support at Big Fish Games about this level and other levels and have never had a response.

  • linda - terrible, dosn't work at all

    I got this item in the mail a month ago & used it faithfully as per the directions: I measured myself first then used the cream, pulled up the tummy tuck belt & did the 5 min exercises in the am & pm. I also cut my calorie intake & exercised.I wore it every day all day & only took it off to shower. After 2 weeks of it I measured again & not one inch gone.

  • J. Martin - NOPE!!!!! and never again.

    UPDATE - 02Mar14 - Since BitDefender and Kaspersky offer NO support. I was forced to find something that, AT LEAST, would work. Someone on the Amazon size suggested Webroot and I found a lot of GOOD information regarding both Webroot and F-Secure. I tried a test - without even purchasing anything, I logged onto the F-Secure site, and asked a question about installation and actually received a response. Something as a registered licensed user I would never receive from BitDefender or Kaspersky. Then, I down loaded a 30 day free trial and after trashing the Kaspersky trashware, I installed F-Secure and WHAT A DIFFERENCE.