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  • Mike In Image City - Tumultuous Period of History Explained

    Excellent read about a tumultuous yet rarely known part of English history. Toney Riches brings these historical characters to life. Add to the that he is also a good story teller.

  • Katherine Izquierdo - Excelente

    El paquete llego en el tiempo indicado, y en perfectas condiciones, el producto es de calidad. Recomiendo a este vendedor!.

  • Amanda Flint - My parents sold me into slavery to buy this TV...

    Little did they know, the man they sold me to is part of an ongoing undercover investigation into slave trafficking. I got a nice vacation, and the authorities came knocking on my parents' door. Best part is? The investigator said I could keep the TV. Let me tell you, this thing is so sweet. It's like I'm in the movie. All my friends love to come to my house. With no parents and this awesome TV, it's like party central every night!

  • Emanuel Bey - Killed my girls 2 weeks into flower

    Killed my plants 2 weeks into flower. Im a fairly new grower. This wouldve been my 4th harvest and according to the hieght of plants my largest harvest... what a bummer

  • Wireless Con - Amazon says it has A Dual-Core processor, Amazon is lying, but it's still a good smartphone!

    The Pantech Pocket it a pretty good phone,with sturdy construction and it's screen has a unique aspect ratio. I should clarify that it's unique for Android handsets, but it has the same ratio has an iPhone, but with a larger screen!

  • WSRGuard2012 - Best backpack for price!

    This backpack came much earlier than I had expected, as most everything from Amazon seems to arrive earlier than expected! I have now used this back for over 1 month, and am very happy with its performance thus far.