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  • DYRyet - Good tester with GFI test.

    Works as advertised. Clear "error" codes listed on the top of the tester. The GFI test button isn't like a simple button on a TV clicker, you gotta push it with a little force, but I didn't think it was bad at all. Would definitely buy again.

  • Patty - I love this..

    This cloth is amazing!! My granite countertops have never looked better nor has the stainless appliances. It cleans with water without any streaking. Its the only thing I use and I'll order more.

  • ChipperTN - I am primarily a PC user and have worked with ...

    I am primarily a PC user and have worked with QuickBooks Pro for over 14 years. However, two of my clients are adamant about using their Macs, so I bought the Mac version to get with their program. It's different,but it works. . .it's just no where near as robust a product in terms of functionality. I am getting used to it, but the one essential thing it lacks is the "accountant's copy", and the work around suggested by Intuit is ridiculous. Given the size and resources of Intuit I am surprised that the two version are not more similar.

  • Esmeralda Viruet - I will recommend and I will buy again

    I noticed a difference with this product. I also use it on my husband and the loves it because the line he had on his forehead and nose has disappear. I will recommend and I will buy again.

  • Judith A. Veeck - Hasn't worked yet

    I've been using Hair Volume for a month, with no results. I have another month's worth to use, so I'll see after 2 months, if anything has gotten better. My hair is till thin and no volume and my nails continue to break, crack and peel. I hope I didn't waste my money.

  • snowMan - YES IT ACTUALLY WORKS !!!!

    Fixed my acid reflux and severe heart burn. I was supposed to take prescription pills indefinitely. The pills worked but i started getting side effects. Did some reading and was convinced to try this by the magnitude of positive reviews. Took a teaspoon three times a day and watched my diet what could i lose, right ?. Initially there was no change however after a month seems like i can eat anything and even go to bed with a full stomach(and no pills) and all is well. This honey is well worth the price and worth a try, it might just work for you too.