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  • Robert L - company is repsonsive - cartridge was not

    I purchased this when the other brand I buy was out of stock. I had problems immediately with toner being thrown in random places making pages a mess. I wrote in on amazon and the supplier is VERY responsive and sent a return sticker (prepaid) immediately. We had to hold off on sending back until a new cartridge arrived (from another manufacturer) - as we are a business who uses many many many cartridges and can not be without our printer (this printer is the only one though for this model cartridge - all others are the same) ... after a week it has started printing correctly. We shook it out .. blew out the printer- tried everything we knew - but for a full week (and about 100 - 200 pages) we had to reprint many pages. We are not going to bother returning this now - as it is working - but candidly - the correct thing would have been for this manufacturer to rush us out a replacment.

  • WALT WIESENHUTTER - Microsoft Publisher

    Publisher is great program for my purposes as layout editor for our monthly newspaper. Ease of working with the different menus helps working through the newspaper.

  • SeattleBookMama - Gluttony for the Voracious Reader

    Well of course it’s a five-star book; these stories are the winners! And having just read them, and changed my mind over and over as to which was my real favorite, rather like being at a banquet and being served all of one’s favorite foods, I was at something of a loss to find one that rose above the others…until the very end, and if I had to choose one of them, that would be it. That one, or Russell Banks’s “A Permanent Member of the Family”, a poignant, terrible, magnificent story that I had actually already read and reviewed about a year ago in a collection by that author. So, it goes without saying that Banks is a giant, and I just sort of set him aside with the knowledge that he was untouchable, and then read and compared the rest. But why take my word for it? Don’t just listen to me! Look here at how I’ve rambled on forever without mentioning that I got this book scot free (lucky me) from Net Galley and Knopf Doubleday Publishers in exchange for an honest review. This outstanding collection will be available for purchase September 15. I don’t know how you can bear to wait that long!

  • Dartagnon Puissant - Haven't had fantastic luck with the spells in this ... not like the other one I tried ... but OK ...

    This is a VERY SHORT book or slightly large pamphlet. Its ok but nothing like the Grimoire for the Green Witch! But still not a bad book ... informative, interesting, still recommendable and shipping was fast.

  • Melanie J. - Great stuff

    I've been drinking this tea every day for almost two weeks, and I'm absolutely in love with it. It makes me feel more energized throughout the day, and it's not so heavy duty that it makes me sick after using it. For now I only drink one cup a day, but after a week more of one cup a day, I'll start drinking more.

  • Jeanine L. Smith - waste of money

    This product works until you actually move your face. Then it looks as though you have applied a layer of white glue to your skin and it krinkles. Its fun for about 5 minutes/

  • Natasha919 - Durable and cool!

    This is a really well made truck! I'm impressed because as a first time mom I've learned that a lot of toys are cheaply made. The lights on the truck and tractor are the coolest thing. Definitely recommend!