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  • jacob - this is easily my favorite edc light

    this is easily my favorite edc light. at first the pocket clip was a little stiff but ive worn it in or shredded enough of my pants to get it in and out easily. i LOVE the mode switching button, and i usually leave mine on in turbo for when i dont plan to use it for long periods of time. great combination of spot and flood. good runtime, quality construction. ive dropped mine a few times and its still going but be careful. i saw a vid where mrgunsngear dropped his on concrete and it died, but thrunite replaced it. for 50 bucks its hard to beat this light

  • Georgette McKenzie - Great when it worked

    This is my 2nd one. First one bought 2 October 2015 and it lasted 6 months. I cannot figure out how to return it. Far too difficult return policy. When it was working, it was wonderful. That is why l am ordering another one.

  • Dustin Prince - The Best in its Class!!! Great for Day to Day use!!!

    4 cards; 2 ID's and 2 Debit cards!!! They slip in and out with ease...I mean really easy, like a deck of playing cards.

  • SWalriven - Redundant, irrelevant, vague

    I tried to get through the entire book but could not do it due to the constant repetition of certain points the author was making. I understand that some points are important to support the theory proposed by the author, but this goes too far. It's hard to tell if this is done merely to meet a quota of pages for the publisher or if they think the reader is really stupid. While there are some interesting parts, too much seemed to be so irrelevant or so vague that it makes the book hard to read. A lot of circumstantial evidence but not much in the way of concrete facts. This is not the first Tom Horn book I've tried to read but it will be my last.

  • Geri Crouse - Buyer Beware

    The stringing of this guitar is horrible. Out of the box we connected it to our xBox 360 and started following the easy tuning directions. However, two of the strings could not be tuned. One string snapped during the initial tuning process as it was telling us it needed to be tightened. When we contacted the seller he told us we need to go to a music store to get it stringed and offered us $4 as compensation. Will keep you posted on what the music store says about restringing and the cost.

  • jghvbv - Need help

    Tried 2 home tests 2 different days and didn't work. I smoke cigarettes. I have been toxin free except cigs for 3 days. See positive results in comments. Would love feedback on what I am doing wrong.

  • ted haslam - really interesting for we liberals to read

    So many parts of the books early chapters are riveting and supported by data selected to support the conundrum of our way of life. We can all see ourselves in this book even if we would like to be beyond its thesis. For once we do not blame our circumstances on racial profiling....however we do slip into a dissection that believes we control our future, we do not live a part of a global world and market, we can hope our way out of it, and that Americans are the ONLY exceptional people in the world. The book speaks to regaining our values without acknowledging that our values were built on colonialism, imperialism, acceptance of minority views if they were kept to themselves, and greed. The book seems to advocate Christian fundamentalism as the basis to American exceptionalism, when it was religious diversity and occasionally unfettered immigration that seems to have been more profound in the success of the American project. Fascinating read however .