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  • Kaizoku! - Great choice when you don't want to use some establishment's dirty high chair!

    We really like this chair! We've used it on our travels (near, far, domestic, international) and many people comment on its looks and intriguing attachment system. Sometimes those quirky, interesting, unique hole-in-the-wall food joints don't have (or don't have clean) high chairs.

  • shelley carmichael - compact yet roomy

    This bag holds a considerable amount considering its compact size. Its straps make it easy to carry. The fabric is durable.

  • emily - I really liked this product

    I really liked this product, it seemed to work pretty well, my only complaint would be that you have to go over the rougher spots quite a few times and i would suggest not pressing down to firm or else it will bogg down, all in all it was a pretty good product, it came with batteries, I was kind of confused on how to open it for the battery compartment though.

  • Galina Yekelchik - Love this

    I love this product. I use it after every time I shave. Since I have started using this (several years ago), I have not gotten razor bumps after shaving. I used to get it really bad on my thighs and it would be really noticeable and embarrassing. Recommend this for those who want their razor bump issue resolved. Best thing you can use.

  • DiegoMM - good reference, but not outstanding

    The guide is a good reference for your visit to Hong Kong, however I found some of the advices were not as accurate as in other Lonely Planet guides, and some areas of the city (for example the Easternmost zone in Hong Kong) are not even covered.