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  • Thomas J. Housworth - Very Specific Requirements, Ladies

    I gave these to my wife as a gift and she said they wouldn't work at first. I said, "Silly, you're in your office. Go to the kitchen." She did and they started to draw out a bit of ink, but the lines were still sketchy. I said, "Well, you still have your shoes on. Take them off." She did, and once she was barefoot AND in the kitchen, these ballpoint beauties worked for her like a charm. These pens obviously know their place.

  • CS in Alabama - Far better than Dodge's green milk jug cap

    I was pretty surprised that Dodge put a green milk jug cap in my fuel inlet to work as a cap. At first I thought maybe there was a screw up by the prep guys but no...that was the cap. I had visions of soapy water at the car wash filling the pipe, maybe some bugs, who knows. I bought my cap with the tether. It came with two o-rings in case the installed one was too tight, but it fit fine. The part is heavy metal with a green diesel paint / anodizing scheme. Nice cap, good quality.