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  • Kayla - Increased energy, no results on the scale.

    I wanted to give this product a little more time to work before I wrote a review but am still not seeing that much of a difference. I had high hopes for this product, as I have had with many weight loss products I have tried in the past. I have no doubts that my birth control interferes with weight loss so I imagine that is a factor on why this product wasn't producing results on the scale. This is why I gave the product 3 stars. I have had increased energy while using this product and I haven't experienced any bad side effects. The pill seemed average to me and didn't have much of a bad after taste. I will continue taking this product. I will update this review when I have finished the bottle completely if I do have any other results.

  • Donna Lynn - GREAT PRODUCT!

    I order this for my son, and he has found great benefits with this formula! He sleeps better, had better REM sleep, and has a lot better energy during the day! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

  • Bernice Shaw - All contained in a nice looking zip up pouch.

    I ordered these for running. Must say I am really impressed. The fit is very secure, I wore them out for a run in strong wind and rain and they didn't budge. I have never worn in ear style buds before. They cancel out most background noises meaning you don't really need to have the volume up too loud. Sound quality is really good too. Comes with different sized ear buds for a good choice of fit, cord adjuster, clip and charging cable. All contained in a nice looking zip up pouch.

  • Kindle Customer - Loved her music, but not so much the book.

    I received a copy from NetGalley, in exchange for a fair review. The book was an interesting blend of the stories behind many of her songs, interspersed with heavy name dropping. I'm not criticizing it, and I realize it is her story, but every act seemed overblown. Her marriages, neurosis, mother problem, and cast of famous friends, mostly left me cold. In one story, she talks about going to Elizabeth Taylor's for Thanksgiving, but never mentioned where her young son was. Was he with his father or a nanny? She just seemed almost indifferent to family, while falling over herself to please her famous friends. I love many of her songs, and while the stories behind them were interesting, her story as I said, just left me cold.

  • Birdy-putt Diva - Did not work as adverstised

    My dog has a moderate plague build-up on one side of his teeth so I tried Tropiclean on him everyday for 3 weeks according to instructions. It didn't do anything to remove the plague build-up at all. As for fresh breath, it made difference for a very short duration right after I treat him. If you are thinking about buying to remove plaque on your dog's teeth, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - This makes my hair super crunchy and like I am in the 80's

    This makes my hair super crunchy and like I am in the 80's. Gave it 3 stars because I can scrunch some of the crunch out, but I usually choose to use another product over this and I'm sure I'll end up tossing the rest.

  • Darcy L. - Purchased this because I was having a heavy menstrual cycle ...

    Purchased this because I was having a heavy menstrual cycle for over a month. Conventional methods were unsuccessful. So far I have taken it for two days and I have seen a significant decline in my blood loss. I did not have any adverse side affects. It has not stopped Aunt Flow completely but at least I am not at risk of embarrassing myself. The package I received was sealed but it had some empty capsules. Secondly you do have to take three tablets at least 2-3 times a day for it to be successful.