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  • Murali Manohar - Never buy this product

    Lost complete hope in this product. I got 3 yrs back and was not satisfied with the product. sales rep told that they have improved their product, but PC is slow and attacks of malware is easy. Will never buy this product in future.

  • Shopping Diva - Herbalife Weightloss Supplement

    I was taking the Prolasa to help with weight loss which I purchased from a different distributor. When I decided to look for Herbalife products on Amazon and discovered the wide variety, I decided to purchase the weight loss tablets and I have been taking them for at least a week now and I must say that I see the difference. My appetite has decreased and I am losing weight. I would definitely suggest this product and it works great together with the Cell-u-Loss. I will buy my Herbalife products from Amazon now.

  • Kindle Customer - Arrived just ahead of hurricane Matthew

    I actually ordered these as a precaution and never expected to need them. Good thing I had them because we lost power and this was our only light source. It worked beautifully. Nice and bright. Easy to work. Small eno

  • littlelady25 - I think there must be a better curling wand

    I was so excited when I saw this product, and I found a coupon bringing the price down to only 50 dollars. I used it the night I got it in the mail. It does heat up very quickly and very hot. It was no light to indicate it being on or hot enough or anything. It smells when it heats up, and I'm afraid I really singed my hair. I curl my hair often, I have noraml hair, straight and normal, not thin or super thick. I only held it on the curler for 8-10 seconds (because holding it for less wasn't curling my hair) It does not have heat settings, it is so hot, my poor hair smells burnt! Not good. I have done this same type of curl with my regular clamp curling iron (just leaving it closed and wrapping around) and it worked very well, and did not singe my hair. I was expecting something amazing from this iron, all I got was a smelly room (from the iron heating) and smelly hair that is curled, but there has got to be something better. The company is sketchy, I'm usually good with seeing that and doing my research, but I thought this was the only place that had a wand (didn't do too much research =( ) and the high price made me think it must be good. I definitely am going to try to send it back...I have a feeling that the NuMe company is sketchy about it because they know their irons are not very good. I'm so used to being able to return everything I didn't look into it before I placed the order, and I guess I thought how could I not love it. I was duped. So please, order a different wand from a different company!!

  • Antonio - Cheesy plot, great special effects!

    This is a fun movie by the same producers that brought you "Independence Day", so you know what you are getting into: cheesy plot, predictable characters, very conservative black-and-white morality... but you will have a good time with it. It is also one of the few movies that I would recommend to watch strictly on Blu-ray, since the detailed disaster special effects can only be seen on HD, and they are worth a look.

  • Abby_Wabby - It's Good!

    Great smoothie powder....I'm not doing it right because it doesn't come with recipes or a manual but the good thing is, I'm keeping the weight I lost off and I may even be losing more weight. Now, I just need to be consistent with it but I also get very hungry at night after my second smoothie....any ideas?