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  • D. NIXSON - Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012

    I LOVE my new book!!! I am currently a Cosmo Student and we are using the 2008 edition of the book. I decided to purchase this one on my own because it keeps up with the trends and has more information and technique than the other version. The pictures are beautiful and colorful.

  • Laura Jordan - This works if you want energy and appetite suppression

    I just went back on this today (used to use a lot in 2013/14, then I was pregnant, then breastfeeding so couldn't even have Red Bull), and I forgot how much this works in terms of tweaking you out, which I like. Yes, about the address comment, it's like that at first. I know after a few days though it won't be the same, but the first three days this kills appetite and makes it almost impossible to stay still. One a day is plenty, and do drink the water as said.

  • Louis Snyder - I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out.

    I work out a lot, and my wired headphones are always getting tangled. Sometimes the wires will pull on a piece of equipment and send my phone or ipod flying. I was tired of being "tied up", so I decided to try the Vtin VRazr series bluetooth wireless Sport Headsets Earbuds w/ APT-X Tech, Built-in Mic for Sports/Running/Gym/Exercise, Compatible with iPhone and Android. I personally have an android phone, but I also have an ipod. It works on both, which is fantastic. It comes with over-the-ear hooks, which are great for keeping the buds in place when being active. It also comes with extra ear bud tips and a nice mesh carrying case. The ergonomical design allows you to easily adjust them to firmly hold the earbuds in your ears. I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out. I can also switch out the size of the earbuds to make them fit better and more comfortably. The instructions were very clear and it was really easy to set up. You just have to charge them up, turn on the power, and pair them to your device via bluetooth. There are on-board controls on the right earbud that make it easy to navigate through your music without pulling your device out. The upgraded V4.1 technology allows me to go up to 39ft away from my device and they will still work - this means I can leave it in my purse while I work out and walk around the gym! Talk about freedom! What is even more awesome is that you can pair these with 2 bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. This is great because I have an android phone and an ipod. The sound is really high quality. The advanced APT-X tech headset delivers high fidelity and dynamic sound with rich, deep bass. I listen to a lot of rap when I work out, so this is key. The highs and mid are also very good with a variety of other music styles. This is a very long lasting battery - about 5 hours of straight playing time. It has a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. I'm very happy with this product and it truly brings my workouts to the next level!

  • Dmurray - The product arrived quickly and I loved the dispensing method which uses an airless pump bottle ...

    I purchased Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream primarily for my chronic puffy eye problem. The product arrived quickly and I loved the dispensing method which uses an airless pump bottle for accurate dosing, hygiene and for preserving the creams effectiveness. The product itself is very dense, but then melts as it is applied to the skin. The product absorbs quickly and does a wonderful job moisturizing dry cracked skin for continuous moisturizing without leaving behind any sticky residue.